Pippin Pals

With the UK most likely going into lock down again sometime soon, there will no doubt be quite a few children who will continue to be confused by all the goings on so a book about Covid, its implications and the precautions needed, plus a hearty thanks and some appreciation for health workers, etc. will come in handy for parents.

:Donna Marie, blogger and author says; I made available on my site for families with kids, educators, staff and their families and students hoping they stay safer by helping them comply, especially if they have to do in-person learning. They’re in 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 sizes to print for home or classroom; they show, in pictures, how to wear and handle masks properly, and thoroughly wash hands. This entire project is my contribution to helping children during this pandemic.

Approaching the new measures from a child’s point of view with all the emotional aspects, as well as explaining all about Covid and protecting oneself, the book also encourages family time and creativity, which helps to balance out and bring something positive into discussion.

The drawings are colourful and clear and will no doubt make it easier on parents to help their children understand the upheaval.  There are also several different ethnicities and genders if you fancy tailoring a book specifically for a certain child.

For anyone who is interested in the book, or the various activities that can also be downloaded, you can check out the Pippin Pals site.


18 Replies to “Pippin Pals”

    1. That’s great news, not only will they help kids but the downloads will also be further reminders that can be stuck up on walls to encourage hand washing and such. Your support is appreciated.

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  1. Ste J, thank you SO much for reviewing the books and sharing them in such a special way here. Be well, everyone, and I hope some of you find use for the books and/or free downloads on the site 🙂


    1. It’s always good to support authors and fellow bloggers so getting involved with post is the least that I can do. Teaching children the ways to stay safe can also remind adults too, so it benefits everyone.

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    1. I wonder if books like this will one day become a curiosity piece from the crazy year of 2020, or whether they will start to become the norm in the future. Either way educating in a fun way can’t be beaten, no matter the person’s age.

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    1. I have lots that are half finished so will endeavour to keep on top of them, especially as I get distracted by the latest shiny thing that comes into my mind. I miss you guys when I don’t have time to come around and visit, too!

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      1. Life is insanely busy and my Mom just broke her leg on Tuesday so that has been what’s going on here. She did fantastic with surgery yesterday and will be in rehab tomorrow. There’s just always something, it seems!


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