Killer Clergy

A year or so back I recalled reading a book from my distant past which I wanted to visit again but I couldn’t remember the name of it.  It was Liz who managed to track down The Quilt for me so today I have another query as to a certain book which a friend expected me to know the name of, on account of reading over ‘devouring one hundred and forty-seven books a week’.

All I have to go on is this,

Tell me the name of the book where, I think it was a preacher, and a deaf and mute man were killing criminals. In one part they buried someone alive and gave him a straw to breathe through. When they finished burying him they poured acid into the straw… bit vague I know but it’s been bugging me for years!

I have no idea what this book is but it sounds like it could either be a grim serious read, or something utterly slapstick and hilarious like the Guy N. smith’s Crabs series, which are a guilty pleasure of mine.  Any leads would be great.

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    1. I tried plenty of variations on several search enginee, thinking I may need to simplify it though. The search continues, it’s horrible to not have recall on a specific book.


  1. Just done with a two-book thrillers. The other one is a sequel. I have missed reading fast-paced stories. I am into memoirs this time, found a book about Zimbabwe.


    1. It’s alwaays good to mix it up genrewise, I’ve just started a thriller myself, which is very rare for me but it a break from my other book, which is about art criticism.

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  2. I was hoping to emulate my previous success with an answer for you but I am stumped. And given the description, I’m not sure I even want to know! 🤣


  3. For some reason, the sadistic nature of this premise made me think of a Coen Brothers movie called Blood Simple. Perhaps you could watch that instead if you can’t find the book.


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