The About Bit

I felt a new About Bit was probably in order now that I seem to have shipwrecked myself on the rocky shores of the blogging community for good. Starting out, as I did back in the day as primarily a book blog now, I tend to write whatever wild winds of whimsy lead me too. A lot of that will be from The Philippines as that is where the said winds did blow me.

Everyone calls me Ste J, I am an obsessive book creature, in fact I spend more time between the (book) covers (I read in bed as well though) than I do with ‘real’ people. Which means I probably spend more time with you guys than anyone else. Feel privileged.  When not reading for fun, I work for two book publishers casting my eye over manuscripts, editing and proofreading.  Which is actually fun as well!


I have an urge to read as much as I can, in any genre and give my forthright and sometimes slightly obscure opinions on books and whatever other thing takes my fancy, such as life, or gnomes, although I haven’t done a gnome post yet…


Here you will find provided, an eclectic mix of stuff for your reading pleasure, when it comes to books, I intentionally do not reveal much plot, if you fancy reading it, you don’t want me coming along and telling you the butler did it or such like. Not that I’m saying he did do it, but he could have.



As a public service I also read the rubbish books so you don’t have too, as well as delighting in finding the obscure to amuse you. I am also looking to review more authors who are self publishing and attempting to vary the content more and grow this into something interesting. Feel free to look around and make yourself at home, there’s tea in the pot.


Recently I have taken to adding more posts on things not found in a book (or those infernal e-readers), so although I am primarily a bookist, I wish to keep it varied and hopefully bring you a more different and whimsical variety of posts.  Enjoy….


Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty and wisdom will come to you that wayChristopher Hitchens



183 Replies to “The About Bit”

  1. Hi, I happened to stumble upon your blog while scouting for fellow book lovers, and it was delightful to land here. I like the openness and friendly feel of your ‘About bit’ and I’ll go through some of your book reviews soon too. Also, Instagram has a great book community and you should totally check it out if you’re not there by now. I’ve found it very inspiring to engage in bookish talks and to geek out with strangers over discussions of hardcovers and bookmarks. Anyway, nice stopping by here. I’ll be in touch. Good day!


    1. Welcome to the blog, always happy to make acquaintance with a fellow book addict. I have dabbled with Instagram but have little time with keeping up with all the WordPress people and posts, I will try and make time to get involved with more people. Have a good day and may it be very bookish!


  2. Sir, have you read much John Updike, and did you like it – maybe, if not, would you consider this author?


  3. Hello there. I am actually a new blogger here, and I am interested in building a community of book lovers and writers, since it’s also a passion of mine. I love the friendly feel of your site, and I think that I might check out what you have done. Nice to see other book addicts here.


    1. Greetings, welcome to the blog. There are lots of book addicts around WP and you are guaranteed to find come across many book recommendations and friendly faces.

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  4. Hi Ste J, I am visiting from Jill Weatherholt’s blog. I especially like “….delighting in find the obscure to amuse you.” I look forward to reading more. Erica


    1. Funny that you should say that as I have a number of obscurer titles coming up soon, as well as some more well known titles. I like to keep things mixed up. And welcome to tge blog, by the way.

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  5. I just visited your site and noticed how you’ve catalogued all your reviews alphabetically by author. Hats off! It looks great and it’s clear. What a rich compilation of reviews!


  6. Dear Ste J, So, where are you? If you’ve gone through another transformation, it’s time to renovate “The About Bit” some. Don’t leave us readers and fans behind!


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