The Whisper


The Whisper

A rustle, displacing anticipatory silence
Words barely made out, hinting at enticing possibilities
The gentle breeze of impassioned words, sighed
Coated with sweet passionate pledges

The gentle purr of promises
Seductive susurration
Raising goosebumps
Tempestuous images flow

A sweet and swirling murmur
Conjuring intimate images, crashing through the mind
The frenzied beating of a heart in ecstatic turmoil
The aural effect setting aflame desires

Silence settles, ripples subside,
The calm before the eager storm…


*Have no clue to the source of this photo just came up on a pinterest, sorry.


Weekend Reviews Part 2

I used to love the old eight bit computers, with the bedroom coders, free of any strictures of company rules and management using their full creative talent to enrich the industry.  Lost to the gaming world for a while these inventive times of experimentation and the making of imaginative games are coming back most notably in the mobile phone gaming world as well as in the form of games like the refreshing The Unfinished Swan an indie game for the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, that manages to delight and surprise in equal measure and is so far removed from the usual stuff that it puts your faith back in not only gaming but imagination.

It’s very rare that a game moves me enough to write about it but I was watching my friend play this at the National Gaming Museum (more of which in a later post) on a big TV with brilliant surround sound and it was the best thing I have seen in games in years, relaxing, fascinating and gentle.  Returning back to Tom’s house we immediately got a copy and proceeded to play it through like the dedicated people that we are.

The story is like an interactive bed time story, a boy’s mother dies and leaves lots of unfinished paintings because she hated to finish anything, the boy, Monroe is allowed to keep one,  he chooses The Unfinished Swan.  One night he wakes up and the bird has disappeared out of the painting but there is an open door which he hasn’t noticed before…

The screen fades to white and being impatient the first thing we did was press buttons – because that always helps the game load quicker – but you are already in the game.   As seen in the above trailer, paint bombs are thrown to reveal the hidden world around you.  It’s that surprising inventiveness that grabs you and ignites that child like feeling of being able to explore the magical unknown which is as addictive as it ever was. Continue reading “Weekend Reviews Part 2”

When the Bubble Bursts


Chemical reactions create perfect bubbles.
The reality of a dream encased in each…
of a thousand worlds soaring through air and liquid.
Unique abstractions encapsulated in fleeting moments…

before dissipating into the ether.

Where the bubbles burst,
the oneiric wonders gravitate towards the inventive imaginations of the thoughtful.
The creative,
a natural home for chimeras of the most astonishing kind.

Somewhere there is one such place I know…

A Dreamscape,
containing infinite mysteries, more than one imagination can envision.
A region not yet fully grasped,
of epeiric seas and mountains, looming over spectacular vistas of forest and ruins,
where I am equally at home yet conversely a foreigner in that land.
Perpetually reinvented over time, I long to be there evermore,

To find my way to a place where I can become saturated in that world and lose myself forever.


For Those Who Create


For Those Who Create…From One Who Reads

Suspended in this limbo
I choose to look deeply into the heart
Seeking your soul
this layered world established in intricate rules of delicate complexity.

The labyrinthine nature of density ensnares and inveigles,
deeper in the journey taken, is the roused traveller
on footpaths unseen and unfamiliar, yet innately known
the imprint of transcendence.

Inward images reveal the world outside,
Perception once unknown, now recognised with ill disguised vigour
All is…forever changed,
cognisance complete

Ode to a Blank Sheet of Paper


Ode to a Blank Sheet of Paper



What are you?


A blank, a hollow. To be approached, with caution, respect and fear…

or perhaps with excitement.

An expression of me as I pour forth, my soul onto you.


Perceptions differ, when you promise so much but with your blank stare.  You can ruin days with that impenetrable facade.

You are the affair that can go wrong – the cruel mistress of empty failure – or so, so right.


You are open and closed, in two states fused together; tempting, teasing and merciless.

Ready on my whim, you open yourself to my thoughts, my deepest imaginings,

Impassive in the recording, you stand up to the intensest scrutiny, my eyes taking in everything that you possess.


You are what you are.

An enigma. The best of me, sometimes the worst of me, always a mirror to my thoughts.

My mute companion through so many journeys never witnessed by others, my secret life.


My finite obsession.


Novel Ideas and Blood Loss

urlYesterday’s post, with all the mystery it contained has inspired my mind through so many thought processes, that it is impossible to ignore that it’s something that has possibly been lacking in me for years…that creative spark to write uniquely, that ignites the possibilities of the written word and my ability in it.

Actually that does my fellow bloggers an injustice, as you are the ones who encourage and inspire me daily.  The enigmatic occurrences of yesterday, (as blogged in the previous post for those of you who have no idea what I am on about) have whetted my appetite for the new and as yet unthought of.  It gives me a feeling of freedom and (almost) invincibility.

Now then, is the time to reveal that I am actually writing a book myself, it’s in its early stages and all that, just thoughts and ideas, coupled with a few whimsical phrases and bits of humour. It’s a start though and there are a few thousand words so far, it needs tidying up, probably rewriting before I unleash it on the WordPress public so bear with me whilst I obsess over where to put the commas.

Suffice to say, whilst blasting out some cheesy 90’s pop tunes (and for some reason my favourite bit of music for writing: Bridge Over Troubled Water), I have been working on an idea that is hopefully going to be a humourous romp through a number of fused genres, but as I say its early days so far and all that could and most likely will change. Continue reading “Novel Ideas and Blood Loss”

More In Than Out

So tonight, the writing mood takes me…strange as it is though I am devoid of ideas, you may think this odd (as I do) for there are so many worlds, time periods, characters, perspectives, writing styles….etc, etc to choose from, how can I fail to find an idea?

Imagination at it’s Peaks

This, it has to be said, is the very point, I cannot devote myself to one thing long enough without my mind wandering to all the vast cornucopia of unexplored ideas.  Those of you who have been around this page of the web for a while will probably know that I bounce around topics a lot, forming obscure links between random people and things and constantly setting off new trains of thought and this is distracting, like eating a burger and wondering which mouthful contains the horse. Continue reading “More In Than Out”

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