All in the Mind

Just a quick one today, here is an awesome composition, that describes perfectly how I am feeling:

So your challenge, if you choose to accept it is, can anyone put it into words for me just what this feeling is? It would be greatly appreciated to have the words at hand….

My Top Five Most Bestest Things About Blogging

300px-DrawingHands It has recently come to my attention that I am awesome and self-effacing, although only one of these statements is true, anyway I digress, the title says it all, now here’s the science….

  1. Made up words – The gift with which the blogger can change the world, Shakespeare made up a load of words and look at his legacy, I shall continue blaurumpting words and see if that makes me as magnifusalising as the late great Bard.
  2. Perspectives – I have been using this word loads recently…and then some. The gift of a different view is always welcome at my house and definitely makes for, not only a more well-rounded view of a certain subject and life in general but probably makes you more intelligent as well.
  3. The Plane Travel – Yes, the plane travel, for it is good form to go on a quest and meet these grand folk we chat too, it also gives you time to write and that is never a bad thing
  4. The Rampant Creativity – Many bloggers constantly inspiring each other into avenues and labyrinths of more eclectic, inventive and thought-provoking works is a wonderful sight to behold indeed.
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5 Christmases and No Hungry Hippos

book-tree-1Apologies for my tardiness in posting and replying to you wonderful people, I have had a bit of social life and haven’t had the time with work and all to post.

In fact I was going to do a book review but seem somewhat lethargic and uninspired so today on the eve of December I shall choose to ignore the lack of Christmas shopping that I have so far successfully completed and instead embark on some sort of random rant that loosely involves mentions of Christmas.

Ignore that last bit, I just thought of a book that tends to get me in the mood for the festive season and brings back a whole raft of nostalgia and also makes me exclaim out loud over pictures, which is not something I tend to do in polite society.

TV Cream Toys: Presents You Pestered Your Parents For – Steve Berry

Do you remember tearing down stairs at five in the morning, in wide-eyed anticipation of the mountain of wrapped boxes under a Woolies’ fireproof silver tinsel tree? Do you remember the sense of disappointment when what you asked for wasn’t among them? Or – worse – when you found a cheap, knock-off version of a toy you really wanted?

Personally, no I don’t, to any of them but you get the gist of where the book is going.  It’s a nice light-hearted ramble through the toys of yesteryear (from the 60’s to the 90’s), which lets face it were better than the ones today which are all cheap plastic and noises.

Before finally succumbing to buying this, i.e hanging around at a mates house to read it for free, It had always been one of the books on the ‘bargain’ table at W.H Smiths which makes me dubious and on guard straight away, so I was happy to part with whatever little cash it cost to take this home. I do feel I should point out that this is the one and only thing I have ever found to be a bargain on that table and this only worked because it wasn’t attempting to be a substantial read or a dictionary. Continue reading “5 Christmases and No Hungry Hippos”

Free Stuff And A Worry, But Free Stuff All The Same!

When I started this blog it was mostly for two reasons, firstly to have a forum to rant about books and not bore my friends, who are mostly not obsessed with books or even vaguely interested. Secondly, I wanted to get to know like minded bloggers, have chats and generally meet nice people.

With both objectives safely fulfilled it was with a huge amount of surprise and more than a small amount of glee that Mr Stephen Baum AKA Bumba asked me if I would like to review his book Up In The Bronx. Naturally I jumped at the chance and was in all honesty a bit gobsmacked that anyone would ask me to review anything.

Here I am striving to look like a competent member of the human race. Thanks to Tom Robinson for giving the whole world a view of how I function (with a book and a pint daily).

After the initial shock and then utter excitement – I must add that this was shared by my friends as well, 16 of whom liked my Facebook status, my joint highest ever amount of likes, along with the status about having inadvertently run up a £131.80 bar tab – but I digress. Me being me, I naturally went into over thinking mode, which I don’t ever recommend especially if you are me, but sadly he/(me)/(I) never listens. Continue reading “Free Stuff And A Worry, But Free Stuff All The Same!”

The Final Observations of Melancholy

So this wasn’t even meant to be a series of posts, it just popped into my head to try and awkwardly link up two posts that I already had in the pipeline with one that made sense in the pub after the odd pint or two.

It has taken me a long time to decide what accompanying visuals to put with this post, but I have finally decided to treat you to some Caspar David Friedrich paintings, he is one of my favourite artists, so any excuse to get him on the blog then. I particularly like the solitary person and bleak nature scenes, some which I am hopefully thrilling you with  here (and of a decent size to boot), if that is indeed the word.

I had no idea where these posts would go, other than to be a haphazard exploration of an emotion that has been behind so much creative work over the ages and defined whole movements which have changed the perspective of how we view ourselves and our surrounding universe.

Summing up then should be a fairly difficult task, and to be fair I thought it would be, however it turns out to be surprisingly easy.  Mainly because I realised that however mired in the dark depths of melancholy any one person chooses to be, there is always a certain amount of leeway for other sensations such as hope, positivity and indeed happiness. Continue reading “The Final Observations of Melancholy”

The da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

 The title of this book (pictured left) is, you will notice, all in block capitals. Now go and do a Google search (or preferably any other search engine), and see how many people are spelling da Vinci, with a capital ‘D‘? Welcome to the end of civilisation people.

I get the appeal of books like this, As the Amazon review in the product description puts it ‘Dan Brown masterfully concocts an intelligent and lucid thriller that marries the gusto of an international murder mystery with a collection of fascinating esoterica culled from 2,000 years of Western history. No he doesn’t.

Then from the flap of the hardback ‘Breaking the mould of traditional suspense novels, The Da Vinci Code is simultaneously lightning-paced, intelligent and  intricately layered with  remarkable research and detail. From the opening pages to the unpredictable and stunning conclusion, Dan Brown proves himself to be a master storyteller’.

Coming cold to this you may think this is a literary novel that pulls no punches, perhaps something in the Umberto Eco style of writing, happily a cursory glance into its pages and you’ll know what you’re getting. A ridiculous amount of chapters for the amount of pages (583 of ’em (pages that is, the chapters number slightly less although I’m not sure of the exact number of chapters as I gave my copy away straight after getting to the end 100 odd chapters plus epilogue, making it roughly 5.8 pages per chapter. In fact one chapter contains only one word. The font as I recall was big as well.

Let me magnanimously, and begrudgingly, highlight the one good point of the book. Namely the pace of the thing. Without a doubt it’s one of the paciest books out there, going along at a veritable canter. With the big type and the simplistic plot the pages just fly by like a paper plane with a big jet engine attached to it, that somehow works.  Continue reading “The da Vinci Code – Dan Brown”

Stranger Danger

After four days of not reading, I got to wondering, do you really know the bloggers you follow?  No. Now I’ve answered that I suppose the time has come to rectify that with an introduction to myself for those of you that don’t know me (Somewhat belatedly as this may be, as I have been ranting on this page for some months).  The ideal intro is my About Bit, which I need to write better at some point and my (fairly) newly added Gravatar pic, the photo I think is the least unflattering photo of me that I have. But apart from that, there must be something to tell you that may interest you and some interspersed pictures of what I do to keep you entertained…..have a glimpse into my world and the crazy things that happen to me on a day to day basis…

Here I am photographed with a few chums talking about topical issues of the day.

I was once told that the way I form sentences gives people a headache. Continue reading “Stranger Danger”

30 Gorgeous and Innovative Bookshelves

After browsing through random WordPress pages I came across this awesome article on erdilielsfavourites blog.   This is my ideal job I have just decided.  Only the designing though as my attempts to make stuff at school were laughable, except for the magazine and cd holder, which Continue reading “30 Gorgeous and Innovative Bookshelves”

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