Sleepy Paws

As the nights stretch out in a seemingly never ending series of baby’s dramas, these times have been made easier thanks to Sleepy Paws.  I’ve recently been taken with this particular story, it’s an enchanting adventure that will grab any listener, adult or child.

This is a lovely, charming journey which will soothe anyone to sleep.  I love the descriptions of this gentle and enticing world .  On a side note, it will also hopefully soothe the dogs when we head back to the Philippines, as it saves us singing to them, which they seem to appreciate.

8 Replies to “Sleepy Paws”

  1. Dear Ste J, I am a great believer in the sharing of culture with one’s pets. I don’t have a baby to try “Sleepy Paws” out on, but I constantly make up rhyming songs with cat details and nicknames and etc. in them for my cat, and recently, she has sometimes switched from sleeping on my lap while I watch tv to sitting in a large box of yarn I have on the couch across from the tv, and actually watching it fixedly for herself. I know she’s awake and cognizant, because her eyes follow the movements of the actors onscreen, and her ears move in reaction to the music and dialogue. I already knew she was a classical music buff, since she comes in and sits on the bed with me every night when I play music before sleeping, but now I have to assume that she is also a popular culture enthusiast!


    1. I am having fun rhyming songs, I try to get lesser expected words and phrases in like rent arrears and phlebotomy. Amelia seems to like rock and Brit pop songs. The other day she fell asleep whilst we were rocking out to Motorhead’s The Ace of the Spades. Pets love taking in our culture, I wonder what they really make of it though.


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