As she read, she became fully human again. A line of poetry was a perfect moment, a spray of words daring and loud enough to take her somewhere unexpected.

Photo by Luriko Yamaguchi from Pexels

Just one line, the right line, could immerse her in something larger, crucial. – The Camel Bookmobile

21 Replies to “She”

  1. Dear Ste J, When I first saw your title, I thought you were reviewing the Victorian adventure book “She,” by H. Rider Haggard. How nice to find something else instead!


  2. If you read carefully (and I’m pretty sure it’s in “She” and not in “King Solomon’s Mines,” also by Haggard), you’ll find a place in the text wherein the topography, the landscape and etc., is shaped like a woman’s nude body. It’s a very noticeable description in the text. Some critics make a bit of fun of it as Haggard’s anti-feminist slant. I just think he was a sex-crazed Victorian (kidding, but it is odd).


    1. Being Victorian, he was probably repressing it life so had to have an outlet somewhere. I notice a trend to that sort of thing in seafaring circles but having been on a boat for long periods with other men, it makes sense. I did enjoy King Solomon’s Mines but read an abridged children’s version so looking forward to reading the adult version, which I am sure has some very outdated passages.


      1. Yes, both books are exceedingly outdated. The adventure of empire, and all that. They are mainly read by students in literary studies now for the period history and put on exam lists for that reason.


  3. Oooh, that’s an exciting thought. If only we could read our favourite books and enter into them. Especially if we could influence something we would change if we’d written the book. 😀

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    1. It is an interesting speculation but I find it equally as fascinating to see how book change the reader, and how easy it is to escape into them and feel truly happy.

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    1. I think you’re right, we want to experience journeys and meet new people and films and tv are over far too quickly. Books on the other hand give us a much more intimate connection and are more value for money than any other sort of entertainment.

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    1. The book wasn’t anything to write home about but that quote really stood out so it was worth reading the novel just for that. I must do a review soon.

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