Poems from the Northeast – Victoria Leigh Bennett

A poet’s spiritual homeland is oftentimes not exactly the same as his or her homeland by birth. This book is a book of poems composed over a lifetime lived entirely in the northeastern United States and Toronto, Canada. It features a wide range of literary and personal topics with which the author hopes to enliven, instruct without condescension, move, and above all entertain her audience. It is hoped that there is something in this book for nearly everyone, from the full-fledged poetic connoisseur to the most casual of poetry readers.

This review has been a long while in the writing because there is so much to experience in the pages of these three collected books from Vicki.  You can find more of her, always thought-provoking writings here, whilst you are waiting for this book to arrive, as you will probably want to order it.

I found this collection somewhat perplexing, every time that I read through the book I found new favourite poems, so either I am easily delighted, or the wealth of moods catered for is ‘muchos’.  I am inclined to the latter. From simple observations to the big questions of life the variety is there in abundance.

Poems from the Northeast is a delight for the reader, with many references and allusions to authors, poets, artists, and philosophers littered throughout, I had a great time hunting for them, or looking through the internet to explore names I knew but haven’t yet read. 

At the moment, my two favourites are Si, Señor God. and A Need for Words, the former throwing in a mixture of St. Thomas Aquinas, God, and Friedrich Neitzsche, and the latter is a celebration of the aspects of the humble word. Returning to these pages I find that my favourites constantly change.

This collection is always glorious, a lovely mixture of evocative poetry and some with a prose twist.  There is so much is going on and repeat reading and dipping in always throws up something new, there is great depth and is not only for everyone but every mood.


8 Replies to “Poems from the Northeast – Victoria Leigh Bennett”

  1. Thanks, Steve, your opinion is always useful and appreciated. By the by, the poem that has “si, Senor God” at the top of the page is the second half of the poem entitled “Solution.” I guess the spacing is kind of deceptive. It’s one of my early poems. You may notice that the solution is the notion of a circular way of constructing reality in the last few lines, with God imagining the speaker and the speaker imagining God. The notion that God might actually be an old man with a long white beard is deliberately playful, and all the questions raised in the poem are what one needs a solution to. You know from your own philosophical readings how easy it is to get tangled up in it. I really am glad you got to read the book, and I’m sorry it took a while to get to you. Thanks so much for following my site and for for being kind enough to review my book. It means worlds!

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    1. It’s a pleasure to follow your site and read your words. I should apologise for not having this poatwd sooner. Amazon and Goodreads will get updated in a day or so. Philosophical musings are great, and your take is always more than welcome.


  2. I like poetry that suits any mood. Poems; these days, are increasingly either revolving around love lost or unfound. And start to sound the same. I guess I’ll like something like this that promises different premises, from varied minds.

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    1. Hi, Asha! There are a lot of love poems, some sad, in my collection, to be sure. But they all observe some formal rules, are subject to form, so that they’re not simply lonesome lacrimous words strung together. I don’t like that kind of so-called “verse” either! If you follow Twitter, I occasionally put one up, on one of the topics I write about, either during the week or on #TopTweetTuesday. My handle is @vicklbennett . Feel free to drop in!

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  3. The main divisions of poetry other than love poetry that can be found in my book “Poems from the Northeast” are weather poems, meditative poems on various things, and narrative poems. And a few funny or silly ones that don’t fit into any category, but are just there for amusement’s sake. It’s a long book, 334 pp., which costs anywhere from $10 (secondary sellers on Amazon) up to $15 or so (full price on Amazon/Book Depository/at stores), so judging what your shipping costs are likely to be plus the cost of the book is the best way to go about it. In the U.K., the book is 8.99 pounds from the publisher. I don’t know about Amazon.uk, but I know it’s sold there, and it’s on Kindle, too.


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