Tuning Out

After my last post based, based on a song I heard, which created some fanciful writing of my own, I decided to add some more musical pieces that make my mind whimsical. On a side note, I won’t be around from the 26th for a while, as I shall be getting married and catching up with my parents and best man Tom who are coming over for the occasion.  If I don’t get around to moderating and replying to your comments in the in the next week, that is the reason why.

Both these pieces I came across whilst playing the atmospheric flash game 6 Differences.

Who could say no to a bit of Sigur Ros!


32 Replies to “Tuning Out”

    1. Thank you, it’s wonderful to be part of something bigger than myself. So far it has been an amazing experience and will continue to be!


    1. It is a completely new chapter, it is sad to be leaving a continent and friends behind but this new chapter is equally exciting and full of new things to learn and experience.

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  1. All the best!
    And me, I can never, ever say no to Sigur Ros. In a past life when I worked in a hospital I remember wishing we could pipe Sigur Ros into A & E, put some candles in the waiting room.


    1. Thank you! It would be good to do that, calm those impatient patients down. Perhaps a few lava lamps as well, everybody loves those.


            1. I am happy to give you something to use my friend. I have been well, finally starting to get a good tan and have been out and about. I recently found out there is a huge book sale in Manila that I will attempt to get to at some point. How is your travelling going?


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