Motorway Melancholy

Sometimes a song makes you recall something, sadly neglected from the past. The song in question wasn’t heard until years later but conjures up a feeling of something mostly forgotten and brings it back to the surface in a surprising amount of clarity.  unsurprisingly the dreamy feel of this song matched well with Twin Peaks in which it was featured last year.

The dark, mysterious qualities of the night and accompanying drowsiness of a passenger make for a fertile playground. Sat, staring at a frequently empty motorway, the gentle motion of your transport flowing smoothly like liquid between lanes, lulling you into flights of fancy.  The near silence, the faint sound of tyres rolling over road or background ambient music, all lead one to their own introspections.

Other solitary cars travelling to destinations important to them, sometimes appear, demanding stories are created for their occupants. Then as fleeting as this brush with another is, it becomes just another soul forgotten instantly, unconscious background layering to your musings. Then that one thing that holds the attention of your mind appears.

It’s that turning with all the implied adventure of the unknown or the almost totally hidden building secreted in darkness and lying tantalisingly back behind the tree line. The mystery is overwhelmingly intoxicating because of that single light left on in a warehouse or office.  The signs too poorly lit to be properly legible, yearn to be read. This singular beacon in its lonely magnificence begs as much speculation,as the tiny lanterns of light in the black sky.

Who inhabits these forgotten by night places? Do they see me travel and idly speculate on my reasons? to whom I am heading towards? Is that remoteness I see. keenly felt by them or do they have a good book to get lost in?  Heedless of those nocturnal travellers gliding by the may quest into Snæfell or imagine Shangri-La.

Those answers I am happy never to know, for if I find myself in such a position, I would almost certainly enjoy the solemnness of the night and lose myself in the muted rumbling of the road and its haunting mystery.  Of unknowable fellow human beings and those fascinating facets of lives and people whom I conjure up but will never know I exist.


23 Replies to “Motorway Melancholy”

  1. Oh yes, isn’t it like Julee Cruise’s haunting songs in the original series of Twin Peaks? I haven’t seen the new series yet as I’m waiting for the box set.
    Your post made me think of another song too, Autobahn by Kraftwerk. There is something dreamlike about being on a motorway late at night, when the rest of the world is asleep.


    1. Yes very much so, Cruise really had atmospheric vocals as well. The new series is phenomenal, it really is, there are plenty of extras on the blu-ray as well to keep you amused. My housemate got it not long before I left. Kraftwerk are great, haven’t listened to them in years. It’s a comforting thought being on a motorway late at night, when the rest of the world is asleep, as you say. I experienced that last time I was over here in The Philippones, until Crissy mentioned bandits on the road, then it was an uneasy night.


        1. I always find that my imagination is better when zoning out, it is the only way I tend to get ideas to write my own creative pieces, I’m just too analytical otherwise, which is why I spend time on book reviews mostly.

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  2. Your stream-of-consciousness reminds me of a funny way in a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “A Child’s Garden of Verse”: “The world is so full of a number of things/ That I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” Begging the question, momentarily, of whether or not kings are happy….


    1. It’s true! It is sad we get too taken up in things to appreciate the simple wonders around us. There should a poll done for kings on how happy they are, we get them for almost everything else.


    1. We haven’t got married yet, we will be on Sunday and due to Crissy not long being in a new job, we are planning a trip away for a honeymoon in the mountains next month sometime. We have our eye on a three peaks in three states weekend!


  3. What a great track, although I would be worried about listening to it while driving! I can totally see the link with the Twin Peaks theme. It also reminds me a bit of the wonderful Lovely Head by Goldfrapp.


    1. I will have to give that a listen, I am a little out of touch with music but I always appreciate your encyclopaedic knowledge. I wonder how the imaginative writer copes listening to anything, with all the inspiration out there, its easy for the mind to wander and be distracted.

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      1. Indeed – I rarely play music when I am doing anything that requires brain-engagement, like writing, because I can’t help but tune in to the music to the detriment of my other work. But it is a wonderful accompaniment to so many other activities: cooking; knitting; ironing…


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