Good the be (paper) Back

How I have missed this!  Sitting down to write a blog post, talking about books, and chatting with you wonderful people.  It’s been quite a while since my last post due to changing jobs (I’m now a Recruitment Executive, helping people get apprenticeships in the automotive sector), finally moving house, then suffering the loss of internet that usually goes with such adventures, as well as other bits of life that seem to get in the way.

One of the best (but tiring) things of late has been my two hour – each-way – daily commute, as this gives me plenty of time to read, which I find easy to do on a bus at 6 am. I have read many books which will get a review in due course, including such authors as; Lionel Shriver, Stephen King, Vladimir Leskov, Edith Wharton, Emile Zola, and Vasily Grossman, to name about a third.

Now that I am back, I have much to review and to tell you about, and just to mix things up I may make a few changes in my approach to the blog and its writing.  That will all come in due course,  my next focus is to get back to visiting all your blogs, answer comments and generally catch up.  In the meantime, tell me how have things been for you? 


19 Replies to “Good the be (paper) Back”

  1. Welcome back! Where are you now? A two-hour commute sounds like something that would happen in LA or San Francisco! Since last I heard from you…. I’ve written a middle grade novel in verse that I’m revising. And I’ve got a publishing contract for a picture book with Chronicle Books. Others are with my agent out on submission. Things have been busy! Looking forward to reading your posts!


    1. I’m not too far from where I lived but the job is in Nottingham, well outside so due to the way they structure the bus routes I have to commute in to commute out again. It would be awesome to commute in another continent again, although my journeys are relatively sedate so not in too much of a rush to try something new yet.

      You’ve been extremely busy, I’m looking forward to following your journey into publishing and also grabbing a copy of your books when they are out. If there is an alternative to getting them through Amazon that would also be awesome. I am attempting to carve out a bit of time every night to do a bit of writing and visiting so I will be around for a gander at your blog soon!

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      1. At least the commute gives you time to read. That’s always a plus. It would be terrible if you were cheek to jowl and unable to read on the commute.
        I’m sure I could convince my local independent bookstore to ship internationally if you order through them. Thank you! The pub date for my debut isn’t until spring 2023 because it’s illustrated, so there’s p-l-e-n-t-y of time.


        1. Congrats on your debut, Jilanne! At least you won’t be promoting during the height of the pandemic, so that’s good. I have a lot of friends who did and it was terrible for them 😦 I, of course, published an actual pandemic book and got NOwhere with it. 2023 should be good 😀

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  2. First, SteJ…CONGRATS on the new job 😀 I hope you’re enjoying it and that it’s working out well for you and the family. I’ve imagined doing without internet for an extended period of time and I know I’d be coming back to an email nightmare! That, and a feeling of disconnect. You sound happy, though, and, although I wouldn’t want it to be on a commute (I’d be vomiting within minutes!), I’d love all that time to read 😀 Glad you’re well!


    1. The timing of me coming back is fortuitous because after five months in the job, last Friday was the first time I actually felt competent at it. I find it easy to dip into the thought provoking books at 6 am, which is a surprise but a pleasant one. Life is indeed good!

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  3. Dear SteJ, I too have been constantly busy, when not trying to help publicize my 2021 August poetry book that you already know about, either looking for a new place to live in a housing crunch, or trying to market things I’ve written since August. Not been much time for sleep since August, because I can’t work as easily during the day, with all the daily activity going on, so I have to wait until nighttime when only the cat and I are up. I would guess that in the last 7 weeks or so, I’ve actually gotten sleep about four of them, sleeping a night or two in-between nights up. I got a good one last night, which is why I’ve delayed for nearly a week to get back in touch: I just have been falling asleep all over myself and having to cut the computer back on and get back to work, snatching a wink with the cat in the daytime too for an hour here or there. But don’t let me lie, it’s also been glorious to be so occupied with what i love doing, writing and corresponding with other writers over Twitter, and a couple over Facebook. I’m way behind on lots of errrands of an ordinary sort, too. Can’t wait to have more of your delicious posts to catch up to, so get busy awriting! Tell me about some of your philosophical ventures in books, but please explain them because even though I had a little training in PHILO, I need simple explanations of complex points. Have a great rest of the weekend, Hi to Crissy, tickles to Amelia, pets to Bella, hi to your folks, and kudos to you!


    1. I didin’t realisee it had been so long since I posted the last post, I am properly back now, I just have to get back to answering emails which is what I need to get better at now. It’s either all or nothing at the moment but at least the coffee is still flowing and that keeps me going, especially when I free pour my instant coffee at work. Anything could happen then, I’m a true wild card!


  4. Was wondering where you were, wow that sounds super busy but great. Good to know you are still reading and understandable that there are other things consuming your time that make updating a blog less of a priority. Your blog changed your life already!
    Congrats on the job, that sounds excellent!


    1. It’s been a struggle getting on here, but it is good to be able to catch up woth you all. I am yet to start a degree which I want to do and maybe self publish a book as well, but these things will happen soon, hopefully. The job is rewarding and I am usually placing ten apprentices a month at the moment so things can only get better.

      You are right that the blog has changed my life, I feel like I owe the blog to keep going no matter what, it’s only fair that I give back!

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