Taal Volcano

With yesterday’s eruption, now seems as good a time as any to dust off the volcanic ash on the Taal volcano draft and finish writing it.

Located in Tagaytay, and in view of many fine eating establishments, this is usually a go to area for us, both for the beautiful view and the constant need to feed, inherent in all Filipinos.

With the Filipino branch of my family situated about 18 miles from the volcano its been a worrying time, what with power and water outages, as well as the ash cloud which has reached as far north as Baguio which is 145 miles away.  On top of all this, one of our dogs recently gave birth to seven puppies so we are excited to see them when we return, although worried for their little lungs in the meantime.

Taal is the second most active volcano in the Philippines and the world’s smallest active volcano, the photo I took, below, is from  a typical day, a view from, unsurprisingly, a restaurant in calmer times.

As with all volcanos there are a number of interesting myths surrounding it, both of the ones I found for Taal are variations on a theme: leader makes the locals prosperous, disappears, locals do something that will anger said chief i.e. making their own profit and not needing him, he then happens to turn up with perfect timing, and the volcano erupts as punishment.  Standard stuff but good myths nonetheless.

Aside from all the ‘end times’ prophecies that Filipinos are spamming my Facebook newsfeed with, (note to self, must delete Facebook soon) there are some good videos capturing the eruption.  One thing that bothers me though is why people still haven’t learnt to film in landscape mode after all these years…

17 Replies to “Taal Volcano”

  1. I blogged about the Taal volcano eruption earlier and we were just talking about Tagaytay in one of your posts. A friend of ours, who owns Fatted Calf in Tagaytay has a first hand account of what they experienced last night – the shaking, power outage, no water and everything. They’re back in Manila at the moment but they are going back there to fix their restaurant.


  2. Maybe sometime (if you haven’t already done so) when you get back in the Philippines, you can do a post on Fatted Calf mentioned above and other restaurants and etc. near the volcano, sort of like a survey of their survival. It’s always good to know that people are doing well and have survived a bad time.


    1. A survey of restaurants sounds ideal as Filipinos love eating so a day of touring food spots would be great. We definitely want to take a trip back to our favourite restaurant, Bag of Beans. I’m hungry just thinking about it.


  3. Ste J,the videos are very dramatic …was there a thunderstorm at the same time as there are endless flashes? I’m with you on videoing in portrait makes no sense these days but wow, dramatic footage.

    Hope your family and friends are safe.


    1. I’ve seen multiple videos of lightning, it looks amazing but is scary at the same time. Everybody we know is safe which is good, although so many people and animals are suffering. There is a lot of people willing to help which is good to see.

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    1. We are still in England at the moment but will be back in Ph next month so will be able to found out what happened in more detail from those who experienced it. I was surprised it made the news but am appreciative of all the messages from people.

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        1. There are quite a few in Ph, Mount Mayon was smoking a few years back but its mainly earthquakes and typhoons that I’ve experienced over there so far.

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            1. Over in England we get the odd high wind but thay’s about it…I prefer that to more extreme weather but it does keep the day interesting, although earthquakes are especially horrible.

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