Valentine’s Date

I’ve been saving these up for today, as what is more romantic than to show the official wedding photos now that we have them, on Valentine’s Day.  I will show a selection here (less than I’d hoped due to the internet being on the blink, thanks to some high winds) and for anybody who is interested in the full set of nearly 1900 photos, you can check them all out at this link…here!

The ladies were looking great even before getting into their dresses…

The Gents were as suave as always…

Releasing the doves was picturesque, even if Crissy’s failed to fly after this shot…

And finally…

Happy Valentine’s Day to my wife who is amazing and understanding about this sadly curtailed post.  Sometimes though less is more and these beautiful shots of a wonderful day speak volumes and are some of my best memories.

46 Replies to “Valentine’s Date”

  1. Dear Ste J, Usually when people say “Thank you for sharing,” they are being sarcastic about something, but I mean it quite wholeheartedly about these wonderful photos. They just speak love and affection all through the wedding party. I hope you and Crissy will continue your mutual posts and send us some more of your lovely travel photos. Happy wedding days!


  2. Many congratulations again, and thank you for taking the trouble to share these wonderful memories of such a perfect day. Thank you also for the link to the full set of pictures – it’s so lovely to see you, Crissy and all your guests enjoying the celebrations so much. Happy Valentines Day to you both. xxx


  3. Congratulations to you two! I do agree that less is more and the photos you chose are spectacular Ste J! Sincere wishes for a beautiful life together.


  4. I am honored to be your wife! You really prepared great surprises for our first Valentine’s together as a married couple. Thank you for sharing our wedding photos. I love you! ❤


    1. It was nice to look decent for photographs for once. Although I have to up my game on that front as photos are taken at every get together so I have to always look presentable haha.

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  5. Congratulations!!!!! The bride is absolutely stunning. Please tell Crissy for me! You look pretty good there, yourself, Ste J. The entire affair is wonderful. I wish you and Crissy the best of everything in your new life together! 😀 😀 😀


    1. Thank you my friend! It was only about five months from planning to honeymoon. It was an amazing day and I was happy to look decent in the photos, which was rather more than I thought I would!

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  6. Perfect post of day of the lovely couple! It looks like there are some wonderful traditions during your ceremony, Ste J. Best wishes to you both!!


    1. Thank you, yes it was different from what I am used to seeing in Europe and we didn’t get time for a rehearsal so our serious, concentrating faces on the vast majority of the photos of the service are so we don’t make a mistake haha.

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    1. It was the happiest day, every bit of it was great, except for not getting a proper meal as we got taken away for speeches and the first dance midway through the main course!

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  7. Oh, my God, Ste J! I’m SO glad you linked to your online album! I started looking at the pics and OH how glorious 😀 You look so dapper and Crissy is absolutely stunning. Everyone–especially the two of you–look SO happy 😀 I’m curious about the chiffon that was draped with the rope during the ceremony. Also, I came across a pre-nup pic that was mixed in with the ceremony pics that you might want to move 🙂 lol (IMG_4536-2 at

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the rest!


    1. The cord is roped in the infinity sign to symbolise always staying together. The chiffon is to show the protection of friends and family. I am glad you liked the album, its great to share everything online, so people can see the whole day. Crissy is beautiful and I am always really proud of her.


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