Dwelling on the Cusp


I close my eyes

Entering a forest of yellow hue

turned green, behind lids

an ever changing patina of labyrinthine leafiness.

squeeze them tight

Mingling with gossamer thoughts

Fragile, yet protected

as I finally drift off

 block out the remaining light

to inscribe fanciful thoughts

– contemplations of the forever –

in the stardust of my dreams…


Thanks to Ellie Edon for allowing me to use her art, check out more at http://ellieedon.wixsite.com/artwork and as ever thanks for reading, I will be visiting again when time permits.



38 Replies to “Dwelling on the Cusp”

    1. Thank you, had part of this written for a while but wasn’t really getting anywhere with it until I chanced about the drawing and then finished it straight off.

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    1. I always post one and think I could do it on a regular basis but inspiration doesn’t always strike, I need to train myself to write more, I will endeavour to do so nonetheless.


  1. That beautiful Art absolutely compliments your beautiful words XOXO *Catherine*


    1. The internet is great for stumbling upon things, usually I get the idea first and then look or a picture but this time was more jigsaw puzzle like and I am liking that approach.

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    1. I write occasionally and not to your level but I do dabble when the fancy takes me and have published a few on here, all to kind words which makes Ste happy.


    1. Thank you, it is always a great feeling to find something that accompanies the words, which is often a challenge as the words aren’t written with an idea in mind, finding the perfect fit sometimes takes ages.

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    1. I struggle with inspiration, I am jealous of you poets who can write many poems and and garner inspiration from anywhere…I guess I look at the world in a different way but I do want to write more and am aiming for at least one a month to begin with.

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    1. Thank you my friend, I do occasionally write one up as you know, I think my writing has improved, although my technique…well I don’t want to be too self critical.


  2. Ste J, this piece is absolutely brilliant! Seriously—brilliant! And the painting is beautiful 🙂 When I visited Ellie’s site, I thought there’d be lot of landscapes, but her specialty is finely detailed animals. Wonderful 🙂


    1. I randomly followed a link a friend had put on Facebook and couldn’t pass up the opportunity, I am glad the words work well with it. Now if I could only think of an animal poem…

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  3. Oh, I’m sure you can! I hope you don’t mind me making suggestions, but I think it all comes down to decisiveness and focus, just as you focused on the specific act of falling asleep in this one.

    I don’t know if it can be ANYthing about an animal or animals, but if it can, I would suggest:

    – first narrow it down by picking an animal that you’re either passionate about, are inspired by or which evokes strong emotion/s, whatever they may be

    – then, unless you want to describe everything about that animal, focus in on one act and then let your mind flow.

    Good luck and if you write it, please share! 😀


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