When Will You Visit?

I spent ages looking for a good video with which to entice you over to this part of the world  in the near future – one that didn’t include people needlessly showing off – after a good twenty-five minutes of searching, finally this one was settled on.

I did want a shorter, snappier video but  – although quite long at seven and a half minutes – it does a very good job of capturing the beauty of both the country and people, whilst, towards the end, balancing that out with the poverty that is so often glossed over in such videos.


18 Replies to “When Will You Visit?”

    1. Just today I was greeted by smiling guests, at a party we passed by to get to our house and they have me some brandy. Everyone is welcoming, it’s certainly unique to have so many people smile so often!

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  1. There’s plenty of food for thought there. It is a country that regretfully, many of us know very little about.I have been fascinated by your Philippine adventure since it started. Your life has changed so much from when you used to spend the day pottering around second-hand bookshops and then whiling away the afternoon in the pub.
    I’d also like to know about the wildlife – what kind of things have you seen?


    1. It is mad how things have changed so much, I enjoy working for myself and finding new places to visit, there are plenty more photos that I have to post as well. I haven’t seen much in the way of wildlife, now that you mention it. Apart from domestic animals I have only seen cows, goats and carabao, thankfully snakes have been avoided on our hikes. The caterpillars are poisonous so I keep an eye out for those black and yellow little critters. I haven’t seen much in the exotic bracket and precious few birds.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. I can’t find it on YouTube so it must have been removed recently. It’s bad timing, I will try and find another one of the same quality when time permits.

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  2. Dear Ste, Why not make a post with animals of the region in it? I am as curious as Alastair about them. And you could photograph those little deadly caterpillars just to let us see what you’re avoiding on a daily basis. Cows don’t look the same everywhere, either. Pictures of animals and bugs and wildlife “in situ” would be interesting. I’m also curious about what butterflies you have, if any. They vary so in different parts of the world.


    1. If I see any, I will certainly snap off some photos. I have been stuck behind the laptop since I came back but did go out at the weekend to the local mall for groceries. It was surprisingly entertaining at that.


  3. I was not able to view the video, but even so, your part of the world is on my travel list. Hopefully I will live long enough to check most items off of it. 🙂


    1. It was taken off YouTube a few days after I put it on, which is a shame. We would be excited to receive you my friend, there is so much here to enthuse you and inspire writing.

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