Ste J Reviews – Street Art!

Always up for some mutual blog content, here’s some photos I sent to Resa from my trip last month for her wonderful graffiti site.

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Ste J from Book to the Future sent us this fab Graf with commentaries –  from Berlin!

Stej_2192 Photo © Steve Johnson

Right from the off Berlin is a city of art, taking the train from Schönefeld airport the talent is in evidence on all the railway bridges which I sadly didn’t get any photos of.  At the Alcatraz Hostel though I was surprised to across some wonderfully vibrant creations.”

Stej_2195 Photo © Steve Johnson

Even down the side street, shops are covered in wonderful scenes of countryside and even the transport is not immune to taking up the trend.”

Stej_2200 Photo © Steve Johnson

I find the best way to describe some of these photos is ironically off the wall, having said that the eye catching design is testament to a group of people with imagination that help brighten our cities and for that we should be thankful.

Stej_2207 Photo ©…

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29 Replies to “Ste J Reviews – Street Art!”

    1. There was so much I missed due to packing my camera at the bottom of my bag, it was great to see it when I wasn’t expecting it, gives me a taste to find more.

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        1. After the Berlin posts, I will be attempting to put a decent amount of reviews up before Christmas in case anybody needs ideas for late Christmas presents…or as a reward to themselves for shopping for other people so hopefully more appealing books will be coming your way soon.


      1. Hi Ste… Stunning … great guest post on Resa´s blog…
        I am wondering if these murals speak in german, mind you… Anyhow, they are eloquent and speak out by themselves… 😀
        Love and best wishes. Aquileana ⭐ .-


        1. I have no idea but then again art is universal in its ability to speak to us all no matter what (if any) the aim is. I think we all like to find a deeper meaning or at least a new and strange one!

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    1. It was enjoyable gallivanting around the suburban streets of Berlin with my fellow bloggers in mind, I think most of my life revolves around wondering how I can share things with you guys.

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  1. You are just full of surprises (like Berlin)! I think you and Stephen Kelly (another wordpress guy, who hails from San Francisco and makes regular trips to Japan, both of which are covered in street art, as well as Sydney) have much in common. Even when you’ve just been roaming around the pubs and countryside in England, you have taken some lovely photos. I wish I could take good photos like that.


    1. I do like to occasionally mix it up to keep you guessing, I like to invite you all to take a glimpse of my life and experiences. My photo technique is usually point, keep hands from shaking too much (as they only seem to do when taking photographs) and hoping for the best, it seems to serve me quite well!


  2. Looks like you had a nice trip, Ste J 🙂 There are a lot of talented people around! And when I saw the train on the “El” (elevated tracks) it reminded me of NYC, especially where I grew up in the Bronx 🙂


    1. I’ve never been to NYC (well except for the airport) but I thought that too. There was definitely scope for a car chase under the tracks, there are certain places that we have imprinted on our minds and New York is probably one of the most prominent. I haven’t travelled too extensively but Berlin seems to be one of the more friendly to street artists that I have been to.


      1. You know, I have mixed feelings about it ’cause art is such a subjective thing and there’s a difference between what embellishes and pleases and what “trashes” a space. Sometime maybe last year I was sent a link by someone that actually has a mission to go to however many U.S. cities and create art. I couldn’t find the link (figures), but in my search, I found a couple of sites I didn’t know existed (there are more, of course). VERY interesting stuff!

        An example of art I personally don’t want to see is #45 here:

        And there is a LOT more street art than I thought! Here are many recorded here n the U.S.:


        1. Thanks for the links, it’s great to see even more vibrant, not to mention varied creations. #45 does seem a little grotesque, I would be interested to hear if there is a story behind it, anything subjective that generates conversation is good in my view though, always for the communication.


  3. Wonderfully talented. This is what is needed in some places that are on the receiving end of the destructive regular graffiti.


    1. Too right, when people with talent create a piece of art people do appreciate it, it enhances the locale but some of the random tagging and such just makes the area look run down. More art less plain concrete!

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    1. Street art I like, the snow is only acceptable to me if I can stay warm inside and watch it through the windows, I then demand that it leaves before I have to go out again.


  4. I love this and will have to check out the street art site. The best street art I’ve seen is in San Francisco and your photos remind me of that. It’s in unexpected places, sometimes wrapping around buildings or tucked away in alleys, but always causing a smile and making the space more interesting than if nothing had been painted there.


    1. There is too much boring concrete about, I like to have an adventure when I am out and about and its always better with accompanying art.


  5. Amazing, but perhaps not so in the light of the fact that Barclays Bank officials over here recently used graffiti on the walls of their head office to highlight the social evils prevalent. 🙂


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