Generation Hence

When it’s a sunny day and you sit down to relax, if you’re lucky you will get that coolish blast of air known as a light breeze.  As soon as that kicks in so do the inevitable musings, those thoughts of epic consideration about life and its wonders and all that…sadly my mind was devoid of such thoughts, landing on my feet though, even though I was sat down at the time,  I remembered a couple of blog posts that had particularly fascinated me recently.

I was reading Robyn’s latest, magical effort These Days the other day and we got into a fascinating discussion about, well, many things, as is the way we banter. Firstly there was a point about books and blogs that are both new and old to the reader.  Once read those words are committed to memory but are not set in stone, for they constantly rewrite themselves according to your understanding and they can change your perspectives at every rereading.

Human-mindOur experiences and knowledge constantly evolve your views on life and how you interpret what has gone before.  Couple this with the sheer inevitability of the knowledge that you will always do this and do it constantly, it does make you wonder, do we ever truly know anything or do we just exist in states of perpetual learning?

Reading These Days, I analyzed it as I can’t help but do and came up with, as I later mentioned in the comments box regarding Robyn’s words that they contained a hint of melancholy(the good kind), nostalgia, vitality, love, the feeling of forever, living in the now” vibe.  To which the wondrous Mrs R. repliedI think you picked up the “pulse” of this maybe more precisely then I was even conscious of while composing it”.  This happens everyday to all of us, whether we know it or not, people read more into our work than we probably see ourselves.  Not only can we pass it off as a ‘oh good, you spotted that’ sort of moment when your intellect receives a boost at the unexpected depth to your work but it also opens us up to how diverse and powerful a sentence can be to someone, somewhere whom we may have nothing in the slightest bit in common.

What I love about words and writers is that sometimes people see patterns or ideas that perhaps weren’t consciously thought of or perhaps not as developed as they may be, or perhaps just not intended at all and someone comes by has one read and sees a myriad of different rainbow like sculptures of thought different or perhaps a variation on the authors work. – Me.

The second thing we discussed was “ about human emotions” that are “timeless” – living on, generation after generation (at the beach perhaps).  I love this motif, a shared bonding experience between age groups associated by certain places, such as the beach or perhaps Coney Island (I hear this is a good one although I only have books and films to back this up and have no idea if it counts or not). 

734260_575303939161996_70150699_nLuAnn says it in her wonderfully evocative post Summer Fun ~ Kid Style, “No matter what your upbringing I suspect the kickoff of summer elicits memories of sun-drenched days, when nothing was more important that cramming as many outdoor activities as possible into your weeks before school bells began tolling once again”.

I like that thought, emotions living on generation to generation, I think places associate themselves with a certain emotion. Well to be precise people do that to start with and then it becomes a tradition and then everyone just accepts it. I love this line of thought.

Both of these points raise interesting issues, there is generational and inter-generational, as well as international nostalgic feelings but we are always in a state of complete flux, each one of us forever changing our opinions, with new facts that inevitably create a ripple effect on our other opinions and ingrained ‘truths’.

So where am I going with this…well I guess I wonder how we stay sane?  We are obviously roiling up our brains nostop yet have an affinity with people from lands distant.  I have no idea though,  for the sun is yet again shining on me and making thinking a bit of a chore but I think living in the here and now is the only way to experience and perceive anything, despite the knowledge that just by living and interacting you change your past and future ideals and beliefs all of the time.   I’d think about this some more but I’d only change my opinion…

27 Replies to “Generation Hence”

  1. How do we stay sane? Sorry mate, too late. (Rhyme intended)

    Excellent post, I think the only way we do stay sane is to bury our heads in books.


    1. Haha, yes that is the way forward! Sometimes I do wonder about our tenuous grip on reality and how we view it…plenty of naps also help, ha!


      1. Basically, what I wanted to comment on was the fact that to all of us (or at least to everyone with whom I’ve ever compared notes on the subject) there’s a sort of “infinite” feeling that visits us several times a summer during warmer weather. But the thing is, it’s illusory: in September, we get that “something-beautiful-is-ending” feeling, and have to come to terms with that. I wonder if one or both feelings are part of our primate survival equipment, or something (the thought was a little more profound than this, I like to think, but I can’t remember exactly what I said, and it feels arrogant quoting myself even this much. You get the idea.).


        1. Quote away, by all means, a bit of self quoting is always good. I bet Shakespeare would do it all the time if he were alive today. That is an interesting theory you have there, fascinating in fact. When those leaves start hitting the floor then that’s it, depression sets in lol. An infinite feeling….I love that phrase…it’s so intangible…


  2. I have been away from my computer for about a week and just now feel I have some breathing space to take a peek at my emails, of which there are sadly several hundred, many of which I will have to bypass or go stark-raving mad (yours and a few others will be the exceptions). Imagine my delight to be mentioned in your blog post today. I can’t thank you enough Ste J as this has definitely raised my spirits.

    It has been a long and somewhat challenging week for me and my husband. Approximately 5.5 years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and, given his age, it was recommended that he have a radical prostatectomy, which he did and all went very well.

    Fast forward to last year when his ongoing, diligent PSA test scores started to creep up once again, not a good sign. This past week his latest test score was higher yet, so off to the oncologist we go. The result of that visit was not what we had hoped. His cancer has returned, which led to extensive testing. Last evening we received the results of these tests, which were thankfully all negative, indicating localized cancer, with no metastases.

    I have spent most of my waking time reading about various treatment options, so have been away from blog posts and posting anything myself. At some point I would like to post about this subject but cannot until such time as my husband feels he would like to contact his two sons, both of whom read my blog.

    Sorry for the rambling, but quite honestly, your post was most timely and made my day. I am so grateful for the likes of you, Penny, Alastair, etc. who lift me up daily. Hopefully I will be back in the swing of things soon but until then, I will be working to catch up on more delightful posts from you.

    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. 🙂


    1. I am glad that I could help in my own little way to raise your spirits…after not reblogging one of your earlier posts when i really should have, I thought it would be nice to redress the balance and start to include everyone else’s awesome writings and get the word out more.

      I am so sorry to hear about your husband and of course my thoughts are with you all. You never need apologise for rambling, in fact if you need or want tom, then my email address should be on my comments so please feel free to drop me a line…the offer is always there, always.

      Take your time with getting back into it, for we shall always be here to chat/listen and/or take your mind off things. I’m not known for my timing so it’s food to know that I can help in some small way. I’m sure I speak for the whole blogging community when I say that we are all with you.


  3. I shall be the contrarian commenter and state that, then there are the others who never change opinions despite the daily influx of information. Bless those that are willing to be malleable because they are the ones that shall change our world. It would be interesting (in some respects) if at age 40 or 50, our memory was wiped clean of everything except for the basics – it would just be a passage in life –, the more I start thinking of different scenarios the crazier and more amazing this idea becomes.. ~a


    1. I like the way your mind works….although I promise not to attmept to steal it. Contrariness is always a good way to go I find. Those who never change opinions do make me laugh and despair as well.


  4. The English dramatist Nathaniel Lee said, while he was locked up in the Bethlem Hospital, “They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me.” I suppose it’s all matter of one’s perspective. Maybe we’re not sane.


    1. Fantastic quote…it is a good point and has me in mind of the guy in one of the Hitch Hikers books, with the inside out house where he chos to live outside the asylum as he called everyone inside/outside…


  5. Okay. First an excellent post SteJ, ironically both you and I referred to our friend, Robyn, in our Posts today, so she was a little embarrassed (in a good way) I believe. As to what you wrote. We are human beings. Our mental processing ability is staggering and on the best of days, the most intelligent human being on this planet uses less than 10% of the capabilities hidden in there. So will we go crazy, No? Can we utilize our brain more and better, and have more of those wonderful experiences you refer to, yes!

    Will we advance, yes! If we don’t kill each other off first because of power, greed, and discrimination. Of course if everyone becomes a “reader” or perhaps a blogger, we will do outstandingly well and connect on more levels than we can even conceive or comprehend at this present time.

    And from a scientific perspective, Scientific studies on neurogenesis have proven we have the ability to grow new neurons our entire life, but the key is to use these newborn cells, by challenging ourselves, explore new things etc. so the brain continues to evolve. Also scientists have proven that “stress” can slow down or destroy the growth of new neurons in our brains. Now that’s food for thought, I think!


    1. Next year we shall have to have a Robyn day next year, that will make her self conscious and hopefully a little proud. It’s extremely intriguing using only ten percent of our capabilities…It’s a small amount but absolutely fascinating. Science is a bit great.

      If we all blogged then i think the internet would become sentient and we would have another Skynet or Tron on our hands which would be great as then we will have lots of retro graphics and that pleases me. Then perhaps we would be able talk through power, greed and discrimination…fine thoughts indeed.

      Stress…I’ve been trying to avoid it. it’s a bit of a challenge but I am going to attempt to be at lest 30% less stressed whenever possible…crazy thought I know. I fancy a few new born cells so best get doing some mental exercises.


      1. Actually (let me know if this science stuff is boring) SteJ… There is currently (as I write this) a handful of scientists from several universities (doing intensive research on the subject) who believe that we (all people on the “ether of it all”) internet are creating a sentient entity. Because of the sheer volume of input or information that passes back and forth between us adds to the Internet’s “brain computing power” and increases the number of “connections” and so on. Due to the complexity of the ‘math of it all’, they can’t say precisely when but honestly believe it will happen. Hows that for cool (okay and scary too)! Good thoughts on your stress reduction ideas, btw!


        1. Science stuff is never boring…not that I want to jinx science or anything. I find it extremely fascinating and yes, scary. I do wonder what type of entity it would be, seeing as it will the best, worst and most degrading that humanity has to offer. it may be a bit disgusted. If its a nice ‘person’ though then I will be happy to admit that I helped create it. I wonder what language it would favour…I suppose it is a moot point as it knows them all but perhaps it would prefer to stay with its own impenetrable (probably to a large proportion of computer users) language. Absolutely fascinating! x


  6. Living in the present indeed. This week I am trying to write something for the little country school I attended primary school at, as they celebrate their 100th anniversary and as my own daughter is finishing primary school right now, I can’t help making comparisons and while I’m not sure whether it’s what they are looking for (mixing the present with the past), it is partly as you mention, that whilst aspects of the past will always slumber on within us, awakened at times for various reasons, it is important to embrace the day. Enjoy that summer!


    1. Bon Anniversaire! I think for an anniversary it is perhaps impossible not to contemplate both the past and present. I have the utmost confidence in your awesome writing to come and I know you will pull off an awesome piece!


  7. Well – I have waited long enough ~ so thank you my friend for finding inspiration in my short verse about timeless hearts! I do like the way your brain functions and that it can be stimulated in such a lovely way! Yes – there is this whole physiological theory about “collective consciousness” – and also the “collective conscious”… these would run parallel to what you have written so eloquently written about here. I also think LuAnne has alluded to the same in her post re: the kickoff of summer. You know, some say our thoughts are the products of every thought that has ever been thought! hmmm… something else for you to ponder. 🙂 Ok ~ before I ramble further – I send you much love — oh and no plotting with Penny on any “Robyn Day” – you hear? ~ Hugs – x RL


    1. And ponder I did, I merely made a connection between to magnificent people’s thoughts and took them to a further conclusion. it is easy to write a piece when you have such wonderful ideas, words and people to work with. For a while I have realised that I don’t mention enough, the great posts of other bloggers, so I really do need to start redressing the balance from time to time and this is a start. Sometimes the germinating ideas and subsequent writing is made a whole lot easier when the material to work with is of such a high standard.


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