The Flask of Doom – Clive Gifford

Photo0153Fiendish mastercriminal Max Chaos has mad off with a flask containing an amazing antifriction liquid.  As he starts to wreak havoc with this dreaded ‘Flask of Doom’ the Mad Scientists and their intrepid leader, Dr. Genius, are lead into a sinister world of kidnapping, secret messages and missing formulae.  Can they piece together the clues and outwit the evil schemer before it’s too late?

This book takes me back to those days when their used to be loads of this type of book in the local library.  Stories that encouraged the reader to be involved in the fun rather than reading about somebody else solving the puzzles.  Veteran as I am with books these days, I’m ashamed to say that this type of books had completely slipped out of my mind box.

Until recently, when this blast from the past found me in a second-hand bookshop where the small sum of just 75p allowed me to ‘get involved’ once again with the added bonus that being an adult I should, hopefully be equal to the challenges which I singularly failed to do as a child.  As the conundrums involved thinking and with the answers being tucked into the back, I used to take that as encouragement to cheat which I feel helped later in life with various crosswords.

The gist of the book is that each double page follows our intrepid scientists as they push along the story and sneakily throw in some real learning but in a fun way.  It’s a cheery puzzler this, in which science, maths, word and observational skills are all tested in a gentle way whilst accenting the colourful and comical so it doesn’t seem like real work. Continue reading “The Flask of Doom – Clive Gifford”