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Eye Believe That!

I saw this in the newsagents…and this in no way a filler post until I get around to writing another review.




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EyJust a short review today, as there isn’t that much to say about this type of book. Due my unpredictability, this 300th post is not the high drama one I’m sure you all anticipated…that will be the 400th one where I will attempt something unexpected and probably embarrassing.

Some people excel with language and thought, some leave you flabbergasted and that is why we can be thankful for books like this that disconcert and amuse in equal measures.

Those self-sacrificing readers of Private Eye magazine never miss an opportunity to send in contributions (especially when a small fee could be involved) that will amuse. Published within are a selection from a couple established columns and a smattering of never before published examples.

What the reader gets is a light-hearted read, well more of a book to dip into really, something for the coffee table and to amuse friends in a more placid moment of whatever it is you happen to be doing.

Dumb Britain is a column that has been running since 1997 and showcases the worrying extent of some people’s grasp on knowledge and common sense guesses when taking part in quiz shows.  Commentatorballs highlights the humorous slips of the tongue on live TV and Radio by newsreaders, sports personalities and Politicians etc.

Sometimes the Dumb Britain entries can seem a little too sneery and I agree with that to a certain extent but that is possibly because the compilers and the audience are perhaps more educated.  This is a minor point though as there are many examples of the surreal in some of the answers given.
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