Of Nude Mice and Bacon Smells

Before I go into a customary nostalgic post as I am wont to do, let me first amuse you with my first ever entertaining search engine terms that have allowed people to find their way – somewhat strangely – to my blog.  The first one, What type of dog is that? It’s a tortoise I could just about accept but the somewhat more bizarre, proceedings of the second international workshop on nude mice, appeals to my sense of humour but did leave me wondering if that particular seeker of knowledge came away disappointed on not.


Anyway thank you for permitting me that small aside and now to move on with a Christmas post…The genesis of which came last year on a cold Christmas Eve, after returning from a frantic trip to find some elusive brown sugar.  I looked up into the clear black sky and saw the blinking lights of what I reckoned to be the last plane from Minneapolis to Portland, as I looked at it, I knew that I would write this post a year on.

I think it is the whole romanticism of travelling, getting somewhere special to enjoy this most wonderful time of year, which is all the more easier to imagine when one is where they wish to be.  I held those thoughts with me into the new year and the usual distractions life brings.  Yet the thoughts were rekindled by – oddly enough – the smell of bacon as I pottered through town looking for an excuse to have a quick pint.  In hindsight a good excuse would have been to write this post but I am not that clever so I settled for ‘my shoelace looks perilously close to coming undone so I better sit down with a pint and wait for it to loosen itself naturally’. Continue reading “Of Nude Mice and Bacon Smells”