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In The Public Gallery

I thought this would make a nice sister piece to the previous post as that particular one resonated with a lot of people, it seems.  This time I cover the rest of the tenses – possibly quite tenuously – with some present and future musings.  Perhaps you can all start calling me ol’ romantic shoes or something.


My mum once asked me why I analysed everything, to which I replied “doesn’t everyone?”  Dissecting things – metaphorically, I might hastily add –  is all very well and good but it’s not particularly interesting unless you add a dash of dreaming into the mix as well.

If I have one vice(!), its people watching.  I’m regularly gobsmacked by the thought of how anybody can manage to have a life.  It’s easy to imagine ourselves and our friends and such like but the world in general?  There are so many connections, so much action and thought streaming in from everywhere, it’s impossible to conceive of, let alone comprehend it all.  Still at least it’s fodder for my endless analysing fetish.

Personally I am convinced that everyone else is just standing still until I enter into the room and then they act like really people but secretly they are robots and I am the centre of the universe…but I could be mistaken.

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Changing Planes

Isn’t it amazing, nay a bit mind blowing, what chances life allows us to come into contact with.  Myself being miserable from leaving a lovely home and city to return to well….if you’ve been to Mansfield you’ll know what a come down it is but even though I was a fairly grumpy chap, slouching in my seat – the ultimate show of defiance – I ended up being happy that I was on that particular flight rather than another one going the same way.


Coming back from New York, I was quartered next to a lady whom I shall keep anonymous at her own request, who was reading and annotating a book, which of course made me nosy into what it was.  Even the foreign language didn’t stop me trying to work out what country it was from and attempt to read it with a woeful accent in my head and we all do it so don’t kid yourselves otherwise.

Imagine fate throws two English people together, they find out through the medium of conversation that they are the same age, have been away from home for the same length of time, almost the same dates as well and have been on the same coast of America and are now on the same flight back, not to mention they are in the only bank of seats containing the one vacant chair on the aircraft. Read the rest of this entry »


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Mates on a Plane

It’s amazing who you meet whilst trapped in a fast moving test tube with wings, thousands of feet up.  Perhaps there is a bond there knowing that at any second fatality could happen and there is not a lot we can do about it, except fervently try to recall the background noise that was the safety video. Or perhaps I am just a tad paranoid still, it’s not natural to fly really is it?

The sort of view I chose to enjoy when we took off.

The sort of view I chose to enjoy when we took off.

But now being a hardened veteran of six flights I am able to enjoy my recollections, of course the first person to suffer me on a plane was Denby on last years trip to Amsterdam and unfortunately for him, but much to the amusement of Rick and Tom I ended up nervously babbling the whole flight and being in all probability slightly annoying.

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Morn (and evening) in the USA Part 1

Arriving amidst the ear popping of altitude changes, I appeared mostly deaf for my first 15 or so minutes on American turf but it got better rapidly after enthusing, in a probably to loud voice about how foreign everything was, (this included the width of the road, the car door handles and how weird it was to be barreling down the wrong side of the road, yet oddly it was the actual physical right side of the road.


The book love transcends continents, although these are Christina’s, I helped pick.

It’s quite difficult to order my thoughts into some coherent chronological statement of my adventure,  suffice to say that the weather was perfect, always around 30C or 80F if that be your measurement of climate.  So totally different from England and its incessant rain.  Having said that my first glimpse of America from the ground in Minneapolis was shrouded in fog and….snow, so it was like a home from home in that respect.

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