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In case you missed it live, (as we did) here’s Jess’ video.   Ten minutes before kick off we lost electricity, and with the water being off as well, it was a torrid thanks to the ridiculously hot time.  Crissy has the foresight to download a film off Netflix and have her phone charged which went some of the way to helping, before a nap until the electric coming on woke us up.

If you fancy hearing Jess in the flesh and seeing what her work is all about then click below, follow on Facebook, and all that other stuff.

Books Burn Badly – Manuel Rivas

On 19 August 1936 Hercules the boxer stands on the quayside at Coruña and watches Fascist soldiers piling up books and setting them alight. With this moment a young carefree group of friends are transformed into a broken generation.

Out of this incident during the early months of Spain’s tragic civil war, Manuel Rivas weaves a colourful tapestry of stories and unforgettable characters to create a panorama of twentieth-century Spanish history. For it is not only the lives of Hercules the boxer and his friends that are tainted by the unending conflict, but also those of a young washerwoman who sees souls in the clouded river water and the stammering son of a judge who uncovers his father’s hidden library.

As the singed pages fly away on the breeze, their stories live on in the minds of their readers.

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Post 200, The Vlog!! House of Leaves – Mark Z. Danielewski

House_of_leavesAfter much promising and teasing, I have finally gotten around to doing my 200 post and as promised it is in the form of the vlog, below, which will give you a glimpse, not only into how I butcher the Queen’s English on a daily, if not hourly basis but also into how excitable I get when talking about books.

The blog has gotten off that particular track within the last 100 posts as I’ve spent more time exploring my own thoughts and experiences and on the odd occasion my own writing… not to mention the ongoing Doctor Who posts which will all be crammed in by November 23rd.

After that I will be stepping up the book reviews once again as well as keeping up with all the other things that make you guys come back.  As always any suggestions, comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome.

On one final note – if you haven’t already watched the video – you will notice that it is completely ad-libbed as that is the freeform style I usually use when crafting a post.  In reality you shall be experiencing the embryonic musings of my mind as I structure my thoughts for what would in usual circumstances be a written up (and more methodical) review.  Essentially you dear viewer, are cast in the roll of person I talk at, at the pub or coffee shop and just as those lucky people whom I soliloquized to in person discover, the first round is on you.5581002490_d4520ecd2c Continue reading “Post 200, The Vlog!! House of Leaves – Mark Z. Danielewski”