Plymouth and Narcotics

Saturday found me sat in the park on my own with about 20% worth of battery that I had been saving up )thanks to the charger breaking_ so I could ring my aunty and uncle who live locally.  They ended up taking me out to Plymouth, which was the site of the landing of everyone’s favourite puritan Pilgrims.  Going there now with such ease really makes the efforts and hazards they were forced to endure to get there all the more impressive…and then the real challenges began for them.

SAM_2847After a fine meal of fish and chips – well fries – we had a potter up towards the replica of the Mayflower, which as so often with things of history is built up one’s mind to be a lot bigger than in reality.  Highlights, ‘heroic’ rhetoric aside (below photo) was picking up the worst souvenir fridge magnet that I have ever come across.  It is a rubber rock with 1620 stamped on it.  Taken out of context it makes no sense and looks beleaguered in amongst my mum’s (vastly better) collection of fridge magnets but at least it is memorable.

SAM_2854As I mentioned in a past post, I met a fellow blogger, Morgan who made the trip from Pennsylvania to join two English lads – who sprinkle everything with liberal colloquialisms – for the biggest pieces of Sushi the city had to offer and plenty of language teaching.  Meeting a fellow blogger is always fascinating, it forever changes how you view their writings and you understand their mind more, their physical expressions and interpretations.  I urge everybody to go do it. Continue reading “Plymouth and Narcotics”

Tickets Please – Paul Atterbury

Trains don’t really bother me one way or the other…..however I am a man of romantic nature and that’s why enjoy the ambience of a good station. I like them, the small ones, the overgrown ones, even the forgotten ones.

What I like about them is the smell and the architecture, the quaintness and the slightly sad air of reminiscence for the glory days when the station was the hub of community life. Indeed the station I like for many reason to wit I am now going to bullet point, with a short explanation that you may or may not find informative or maybe you will just find the fact i’ve gone to all this trouble somewhat hilarious:

– Architecture; Muchos variation on this one! Many different styles were used, there was no uniformity in the main design although certain things were uniform throughout the station complex. I like architecture anyway, makes you feel close to history.

– Heritage; Apparently safeguarding English things is racist or something and as that’s not allowed anymore, I want to see what’s being maintained and how stuff looks today etc. You get the point methinks. Also I want to see what’s been left to us from them black and white days.

– Culture; Liking social/economic stuff (hardcore!) I am fascinated to see how the railway became the hub of life in villages and towns and what went on and how the closing of railways led to a ‘rebalancing’ of the economic structure and focus of towns etc.

– History; T’is I fear self explanatory. Continue reading “Tickets Please – Paul Atterbury”