Scènes de la Vie Americaine (en Paris) – Victoria Leigh Bennett

“Paris was glorious in the summer mornings! The air was as fresh as a grackle’s wing…”

In Scènes de la Vie Americaine (en Paris), Victoria Leigh Bennett takes us back to her teenage years, as a first trip abroad opens her eyes to the possibilities of the French metropolis, and of the first buds of romance. This playful, tender memoir shows us the wonder of the city of love seen through fresh eyes. It is ripe with youthful adventure, and as bitter-sweet as a coffee and croissant.”

Scènes de la Vie Americaine (en Paris) is a playful riff off of Honoré de Balzac‘s work Scènes de la Vie Parisienne, and sets the mood for a thoughtful memoir of youthful experiences abroad in the French capital.  A city that has inspired so much literature, now has another view, which is a pleasantly nostalgic one.

It is difficult to talk too much about the book without giving away spoilers, so please forgive me if I am somewhat vague on the content and don’t expand on the blurb too much hereafter.

The reader is treated to three vignettes which give a wonderful sense of not only place and time, but also of self. Vicki’s introspective reminiscences make for a wonderful read and not only brings out the misty-eyed ememberance of travels in past days but also a yearning for more of her words.

Speaking of which, any book that gets the word ‘brouhaha’ in is always going to get a firm nod from me.  A view from an American in Europe,  especially being in a city synonymous with love,  will always seem more eventful for some reason, and I am sure that everyone has come across the cliché, but Vicki has certainly done her bit to bring a bit of understanding for us Europeans.

Scènes de la Vie Americaine (en Paris) is one of those books that you know you will get through in one sitting, whilst desperately try to prolong the reading pleasure by deciding to break it up into parts. And then you’ll just read it straight through anyway with a spirit of reckless abandon.

Vicki’s other book Poems from the Northeast, is also one I can recommend for those who enjoy a varied jaunt in the world of words.


13 Replies to “Scènes de la Vie Americaine (en Paris) – Victoria Leigh Bennett”

  1. Thanks so much for buying and for sharing your thoughts about my book(s), Steve. This one was less arduous to write than the first one, and took me back further into my life for the materials. I hope everyone has something from their time of being a late teen which makes them not only shake their head with rue, but also shake their shoulders with laughter at their younger self. Thanks again for sharing it with all your readers. I am awaitng eagerly your book, so that i can do the same for you!


    1. My book is getting there, slowly but it is being worked upon. In fact, it is open in another tab as we speak. I never really travelled until I hit 30 so my travel stories before then are few and far between, it’s amazing how much has happend in a decade. It is always a pleasure to support your work as I enjoy your writing and friendship. I tried to add your book on Goodreads but it wouldn’t let me do it. When it goes up I will add my review there.


      1. Again, thanks for all your support. I find that sometimes when I try to do a review for someone on Goodreads, if it won’t take a picture of their book, it won’t take the review either. Maybe I”m doing it wrong. Anyway, I can’t wait to see your book!


  2. I might give this one a try, and that’s solely based on your recommendation – plus the part about the coffee and croissant..


    1. It is, I wish it was longer but being short means I can tackle it again between books and still appreciate it without the ongoing worry of not enough time.

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