Another Worthwhile Read

Two reblogs in two days because quality stuff should be shared. This time it’s the turn of my very good friend Vicki and her short memoir about her younger days in Paris, a city that seems to encourage so many memorable works. I will be purchasing my copy soon, so come join me.


4 Replies to “Another Worthwhile Read”

    1. Paris isn’t a place I have ever really wanted to go, despite all the literature that stems from it. Thinking about it holiday destinations are never chosen with literature at the forefront of my mind. Maybe that should be more of a thing.

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      1. Yes, I understand. My “ideal” destinations have changed over the years as I’ve become more of an introvert. Not sure where I’d like to go at this point. I’ve developed a general distaste for air travel in recent years. My husband left for the east coast today, after his flight was abruptly canceled last night and then delayed again this morning. It feels more like torture than an adventure at this point.


        1. Agreed, we have heard of people having their flights cancelled without any reason, the sad thing is those people have to pay again for PCR tests and visa extentions themselves rather than the airlines who decide these things last minute. It is getting a bit much, the hassle was bad enough before the last few years happened.

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