New Title Incoming – Bastion Academy: Malware

For those of you looking for something a bit different to add to your reading pile, this could be your bag, a steampunk sci-fi, cultivation novel.

Cultivation was a new term to me but it basically means levelling up magic, or progressing a character in some other form, and it has its roots in Taoism .

I myself will be picking up book one of the Bastion Academy series when I can, and it would be good to have your company on the journey.  In the meantime check out J. D. Astra’s shiny new WordPress blog here.

10 Replies to “New Title Incoming – Bastion Academy: Malware”

  1. Dear Ste J, You’re a good friend to your friends in the blogging community, like J. D. Astra. And thanks for your recommendation of the new series. I think I may recommend it to my niece. Hope everyone at home is happy.


    1. We are all good here,things are ticking along quite pleasantly at the moment so hopefully it will carry on like that. I’m glad you have someone in mind for a recommendation, Jess is a full time writer these days so it will make all the difference for a potential sale.

      After all the good things the blog and books have given me, it’s good to be able to help out where I can, and share authors whom I enjoy and would have a pint with.

      I hope you are well, my friend?


      1. Yes, I’m well, we are well here too. Mom has had her first Covid vaccine, and I’m still trolling the Internet for mine, and waiting for the deadline to come up for me to appear and be afraid of the needle. Actually, I’m not afraid of needles, but I’ve heard that the Covid vaccine one is gigantic. I think personally that it’s just Mom’s dislike of needles in general.


        1. I know a few people who have had it over here and didn’t report scary needles so that’s a plus point. Wearing these masks is giving me headaches at work but that’s down to being on the go for ten hours making sure everything is getting where it needs to be.


    1. It is something that I have dabbled in when proffreading but exploring what it was, as well as learning the term are new things. I am glad that this genre is receiving some love, having not really been on my radar before I am looking forward to having a proper read, rather than for work.

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      1. There are few writers on WP of this genre and it seems to have a strong following of its own! I’d never even heard of it before but wonder if it isn’t gaining popularity? Happy Reading!


        1. I think amongst the gaming community there is a lot of interest in this and litRPG. So far I will say that the books I have read haven’t interested me too much but as I have read a fair amount of J. D.’s work I am more confident that I will get into this particular series.

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