Literature Binge

After my Charles Dickens birthday binge chronicled in the last post, a bit more variety was needed in my reading collection, and what better place to turn to for inspiration than book bloggers.  After hunting around for a short time I came up with three books that would add depth to my collection.

Again thanks to Crissy for the classy book shots.

First port of call was Claire over at Word By Word, for those of you who haven’t discovered this blog yet please be warned you will end up wanting to spend all your money on a variety of books, all of which are wonderfully reviewed.  Everything Inside by Edwidge Danticat caught my eye with short stories of a Haitian flavour.

Next up was Asha’s recommendation for Twilight in Delhi which sounds like an atmospheric historical fiction novel that will captivate the senses.  Ever since finishing A Suitable Boy, I have hankered for an Indian novel to read, although I have Rohinton Mistry’s  A FIne Balance still to read, I had to have this book too.

Thirdly, with money running a little short it entered my mind that to round off my spending I would go for another Nicholas Conley story, Clay Tongue which I reviewed here.  A short story that will stay with the reader, and one that kickstarted my reading in 2017 so this book was a must for nostalgia reasons as well as for supporting an author and blogger who has become a friend over the years.

17 Replies to “Literature Binge”

  1. Why thank you kindly for the mention and what beautiful photos to accompany your words. Isn’t that cover of Everything Inside beautiful? I hope you enjoy the Haitian and ‘Little Haitian’ stories as much as I did.


    1. I am so hyped to begin reading, after a good start to the year, I seem to be lacking the time so need to be more aggressive with the reading. SO many good books, so little time!

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    1. That sounds interesting and has been added to my list as well. I love a good Russian story, I have some Leskov on my shelf but wish to read the Russian epics again. I am hyped despite having my betime hot chocolate already!

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  2. Still at it, I see, Ste J! Yes, I would also recommend that book by Dandicat, what is it called, something about bones, I want to say “The Lovely Bones,” but that may be a confusion with another title by another author. At any rate, enjoy!

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    1. The FArming of Bones is the name your after, the other one is ALice Sebold, I believe and one of those books that always comes up on the must read lists. I am excited to try my first Haitian author, and recently I have heard rumblings about a Geirgian War and Peace so that will be fun to learn a bunch of probably more complicated names than their Russian counterparts.

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  3. Yes, you’re right, it was “The Farming of Bones.” I thought it was an absolutely astounding book. i think I may have written a post on it and/or on “The Lovely Bones” some time ago, I’m not sure, I know I’ve read both of them. Do you mean “Georgian”? as in Georgia, a part of Russia? I found the conflict between Haiti and the Dominican Republic very confusing. I guess I need to read a little more history, but it can be dry unless you get exactly the right author.


    1. I mean Georgia as in old Soviet bloc, although everytime I say it I have to fight the urge to say ‘y’all’, such is my nature. History books are great, but as you say they can be dry which is why I appreciate the library for my history, although theyaren’t open at the moment.


  4. Hi Ste J! Finally getting over here, though I have yet to post this year, life being what it is and all that… Great to see you with some fab books and love Chrissy’s photos, very arty indeed. And nothing like a good Dickens collection, I got hubby one of his Victorian ghost collections for Christmas. What better for spending birthday money? And belated happy birthday, my friend, hope it was a good one. Keep safe!


    1. Sherri, good to hear from you! Life is generally crazy these days but I await your next post, whenever you do post, with anticipation and absolutely no pressure on you intended. I am hyped for the Dicken, yet not hyped enough to have read any of the books as of yet. dabbling in overseas literature mostly, this year so far.

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    1. I will be interested on your thoughts on it, the book narrowly missed out to Twilight in Delhi this time round when i was picking a book to read.

      For some reason I cannot get my comments to work on your blog, which is probably something I am doing wrong but I will try and rectify that as soon as I get on a computer that is more familiar to me than the contrapction that I am currently typing away on.

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  5. Claire´s is a dangerous blog. I´ve just been to visit and ended up adding six titles to the list.
    I love her name – Edwidge Danticat. Fun! Wonder when her time´s going to come – never read anything by her. Everything Inside and Claire of the Sea Light are on my list


    1. I dread each new email notification because it adds more stress and choice to my book buying, but being masochistic, I bloody love it as well!


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