Holiday Collab

It’s Christmas! And here’s a gift you never asked for.  Namely my good self popping up to ruin Asha’s latest book vlog.

If you fancy some Christmas book recommendations, and also wish to see me trying to do my bit to camera with a harassed look as Amelia faintly cries just out of shot, not to mention completely forgetting all the points I was going to make before hand, then watch on.

6 Replies to “Holiday Collab”

    1. Belatedly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Letters is a lovely book, one for all the family, Tolkien was creative even down to leaving fake Santa footprints on the carpet.

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  1. The only thing lacking from your generous Christmas endeavors, Ste J, is your announcement of just when you are going to be finishing up your own work for publication. Get cracking! As the old saying goes, time and tide wait for no man (or woman, for that matter).


    1. well I am deep into writing the thing, so hopefully now that work has calmed down to a mere forty hours working week, I will be able to get more posts out as well as working on the book. It’s slowly taking shape and I hope that the first draft is completed in a month or two’s time.


    1. It was a fun thing to do, different for me as I am not usually one for camera, hence my awkwardness on the YouTube channel that we have.


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