Heading for Halloween

This time of year – like pretty much any other time – is a good excuse to buy a book, and this Halloween I can confidently say that  My Headless Son Fred and His Head Baby Brother Headley, is the perfect book for this mini season. 

The reason I can so confidently assert my opinions is because I did some editing work on the book a while back, and enjoyed the story and the offbeat comedy that kept me entertained through multiple readings of the text.

The cover looks gorgeous, and with a chaotic family that is both grounded in the realistic, as well as the undead, its all too easy to cheer them on in their adventures, when, morally, the reader probably shouldn’t…

Filmon Trout sits in his home, shut off from the outside world. One Halloween night, he finds love in a nearby cemetery. But what Filmon doesn’t know is that his newly found love interest isn’t human.

Months later, they become parents of two unconventional but lovable boys, soon emerging as an adventure-loving family seeking to survive amid a serial killer, a corrupt CIA agent, and an evil Hollywood executive.

But the Trout family isn’t a typical little family…

13 Replies to “Heading for Halloween”

    1. It is a really fun book, especially with the oblivious nature of Filmon. Of all the books I have edited or proofread so far, this is certainly my favourite by a long way.

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  1. Count on you to come up for something special for Halloween! I used to do that, but I no longer do so; I’m not reading as much as I used to, and sadly, Halloween has fallen by the wayside with me. Your friend’s book sounds very entertaining, however.


    1. It was more coincidence than anything, I just happend to be catching up on my reading over on Arrow Gate’s site and found out it was out so thought I would give it a mention. I’ve lacked reading time of late, with forty to fifty hours a week going on work, I am now reduced to spending some time each night scraping a bit of a post together before bed, or the occassional reading session. It’s a busy time but I am just about keeping up with posting and writing, with a smattering of reading.


  2. It was quirky, funny and just a delightful read! Thanks for the editing and review Steve. The author has finished the screen play, and will be pitching to Hollywood execs, Covid permitting.😀


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