From Knights to Hearts

A theme of books being published by blogger friends, of late, seems to be a homage to the medium with which we, both readers and writers alike, feel the most affinity, the humble sheet of paper.

For those of you who love poetry, I present, or remind you, of Boomie Bol , a prolific writer and long term blogger who digs deeply into all things emotional.

Her debut collection paper heart – out today – is a wide ranging assortment of poems ranging from nature, family, heartbreaks, and faith, to name but a few subjects.

A review will follow soon enough, but in the meantime, check the link above if you wish to get a feel for Boomie’s poems.

6 Replies to “From Knights to Hearts”

  1. Olubunmi, your poems are beautiful, and I LOVE that they are so easily understood…not cryptic as poetry can often be. And your twins—SO identical! And adorable 😀 Good luck with your book!


    1. I’ve been a long term follower of Boomie and am reading through the book again to flesh out my review notes so it sounds vaguely coherent, and I agree with you that the poetry is to the point, and much better for it in this case.

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  2. The title of your post, Ste J, threw me at first. I don’t know what it is about a blank sheet of paper that calls out to some people to write a poem and to others to write a grocery list, but there it is.

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    1. The infinite possibilities is quite an overwhelming concept, filling up a page with something banal is probably more of a fear thing than anything else. Like looking into the depths of space the overwhelming abyss of space is a lot to process.

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