In Which, Bestsellers are Discussed, and Cowardly Actions Take Place

With a heavy heart I dragged my feet, which is hard to do whilst also pushing a pushchair, towards ASDA, the local supermarket.  Inevitably the usual torturous shopping trip loomed.  The routine is usually something like this; we have a list, then wander aimlessly around the store, before settling on said original items.

This time though a plan was forming in my devious mind.  It involved volunteering to take Amelia to the books, so she wasn’t bored and joining up somewhere in store later, which actually in reality meant hiding in a cowardly fashion near the books until the shopping was completed.

The books on offer were not exactly thrilling. As you would expect there were an array of bestsellers, you know the type, a book with Clive Cussler’s name emblazoned on it when the other co-author (in much smaller print) wrote most of it, yet another book about someone doing a job in Auschwitz, and some grim true crime, etc.  Admittedly I once saw a copy of To Kill a mockingbird hanging around on the bottom shelf so since then I have been keeping a keen eye out.

Time passed slowly and the selection of books didn’t yield much – especially where my enthusiasm was involved – just a couple of football books, and the odd Stephen King, which is always worth a read but after reading a lot of him this year, I was prepared to save new stories for another time.  Coming up to the last metre of shelving I started to become desperate for some blurb to prolong my stay.  John Grisham is an author I’ve read a few books of (The Last juror and Playing for pizza) so gave in for a quick perusal of two of his books, namely The Racketeer and Camino Island.

This latter had me engaged straightaway, stolen original F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts and the promise of a bookish story meant that I had to once again dive into reading a bestseller, which usually doesn’t end up being too rewarding a read for me.  Perhaps this time it would be, and the review will be up next post.  I hope the bestseller aisle treats you well in the years to come.

14 Replies to “In Which, Bestsellers are Discussed, and Cowardly Actions Take Place”

  1. If you want to read a truly gripping bestseller suspense novel (not really much literary content, but a good read nevertheless), read “The Paris Option.” I’m not sure of the author(s), but I think it’s by Robert(?) Ludlum and Gayle somebody. I truly enjoyed it, and I don’t like suspense novels, as a rule. It’s been out for quite a while, so you ought to be able to find a copy cheap easily, or even get it from a library.


    1. I’m always happy for those reads that go fast between the more literary works so will add it to the list. I haven’t read and Ludlum books to date so new authors will keep me going for a time yet. As always thanks for the nod in the right direction of entertaining stories.


  2. I’m sorry to know that someone is dragging you to shop to ASDA and the madness of your shopping routine. You have influenced me to challenge my mind with obscure books and I find myself lost in the pages of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – a book that you bought for me in secret while I was completing your and your daughter’s shopping.

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    1. After seeing your passion for Ratched it would have been rude not to, plus i haven’t seen the film so up for readuing it myself as well, after you finish of course. Literary gifts keep the world spinning, and the missus happy so it’s a win/win. You could say it keeps me in ‘good books’, hahaha.

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  3. I never take any notice of the “Best Seller” banner – nor do I take any notice of people being interviewed after seeing the latest “in” movie and listening to them raving about it. I was given a copy of John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar a couple of years ago for Christmas. It was touted as being all the usual, blah blah, blah. But after reading four and a half chapters, it’s sat in my bookcase ever since. To be fair, I’ve never read Grisham before so maybe I should give it another go. I love thrillers and one of the best I’ve read in recent years is Paying the Piper by Simon Wood.


    1. I always try to pick a book on its own merit, usually through the blogs here, so when I do come across a bestseller I’m always surprised that someone recommended one. I am trying to vary my reading more and bestsellers could be a way to go, as long as the books that are chosen are some of the best to get me started.

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  4. Not familiar with the ASDA, but when I went to my supermarket the only thing I leafed through was a Romaine lettuce. Actually it started out well, but toward the end it wilted.


  5. I hope you find the book at least entertaining, perhaps rewarding? But never go grocery shopping unless you have to. That’s my motto…..especially with someone in a stroller, LOL


    1. We are quickening our walking pace as Amelia gets bored if she is sat in one place too lon, as to the book, now that I finally have some time off of work, a eeview will be shortly.

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  6. Grocery shopping is definitely a chore but one that has to be done or we don’t get anything to eat. I remember taking my daughters with me to the shops and having to keep moving, no stopping, otherwise they began to complain loudly. My husband does all our grocery shopping once a week while I go and do my mother’s shopping as well as getting extra things for us. You and Cris could take it in turns to do the shopping while the other one stays at home with Amelia.
    I hardly ever read or want to read best sellers and I rarely find a book I want to read at the supermarket. I always look, just in case…. hehe!


    1. It’s that hope of something special that won’t be there but still could be. we only get three days together now that I finally have a job so we try to make the most of our time together, as the other four days I just come home and sleep quite soon after. Amelia is a good reason to be reading the kids books though, I get less odd glances that way.

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  7. Nothing wrong with a bestseller now and again. I’ve only read one of his but I enjoyed it – can’t remember the name, it was about a missionary who inherited a fortune and a lawyer had to go off to the Amazon to find her.


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