12 Replies to “Wilde Advice”

  1. I’m not sure whether that makes some sort of crazy sense or not. Maybe not…hmmm … now my head won’t stop spinning. :/


  2. Dear Ste J, Here I saw the title of your post, and at first didn’t recognize the quote from Wilde! Here I was, imagining that you were belittling, however wittily, your own reviews. Glad to know it’s just Wilde, being his obstreperous best. I mean, I’ve enjoyed so many of your reviews….!


    1. Why thank you, it’s getting a bit demanding recently with life and such but I remain determined to catch up on the backlog, as well as adding more weekly to the need to finish writing pile.


    1. Orwell had some good words to say on reviews too, I will have to dig out his book of essays and post something. Wilde is wonderfully witty, I often think I am as well, then I sober up.

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