A Suitable Quote

This quote sums up so much of what it is to be a reader, and to explore and attempt to make sense of the puzzles that books give us.  To learn and better ourselves through the chronicles of accomplishments of those before us.

“She paused by the science shelves, not because she understood much science, but, rather because she did not. Whenever she opened a scientific book and saw whole paragraphs of incomprehensible words and symbols, she felt a sense of wonder at the great territories of learning that lay beyond her – the sum of so many noble and purposive attempts to make objective sense of the world.”

18 Replies to “A Suitable Quote”

  1. I would also venture to say that science books, along with math, also contain the mysterious puzzle of their own specialized languages that one must learn to decipher on top of learning about events/ideas/places/etc that have not yet been encountered.


    1. As long as the book is not too technical, I do enjoy them, although some of the science stuff in particular is complex even in books written for the lay person. I adopt an ‘if you say so’ attitude when maths books show their proofs.

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  2. I’m working in my head on a post, a propagandizing post for science study. It’s true that each branch of science has a lexicon to master. Currently I’m trying to remember the geological eras and periods. Similarly the animal/plant phyla. It tells you where you are in this enormous world. Recommendation: Stephen J Gould’s Book of Life.


    1. I’ve never gotten around to Gould’s work yet, I do listen to a lot of science videos off YouTube when I am in the bath which relaxes me and lets me learn without a book in hand. Geology, Evolution, as well as philosophy usually are my cup of tea. I’m always looking to expand that though. Most people I speak to were put off science at school because of the maths in physics, myself included.


      1. The PBS Nova series has some excellent geology and paleontology shows. Also one amazing series on the planets, with NASA probes data and photos. I’ve turned into a science nut in my old age, and the math has been a big wall for me too. Euclid, or one of those guys, was asked by the king to teach him geometry in three easy lessons. Euclid, or whoever it was, told him that there’s no royal road to geometry. But Gould is tremendous, a very accomplished writer.


        1. Bloody Euclid (or whomever)! I have been scouring YouTube for documentaries on science and history of late, manly becaue I’m not hands free to hold a book so baby watching is easier when educating both of us with such subjects. I will keep an eye out for the PBS ones, I am sure there is a way to access them one way or another.


  3. What an excellent quote! This book is on my tbr list, though when I’ll get around to it is anybody’s guess. I have found reading and concentrating very difficult during this pandemic. The heap hasn’t diminished much.


    1. It is a great read, so many different facets to learn about in Indian culture. It’s typical that when there is more time to read, it becomes more challenging.

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