4 Replies to “Epic Rap Battles of Literature”

  1. You make a lot of good recommendations. This looks like one of your best recent ones, though I will have to postpone enjoying it for the moment. Edgar Allan Poe was one of my early favs, even when I was a teen, or especially when I was a teen. I might not get the gist of the King part, since I’ve yet to read a King book (call me ignorant, but as I think I told you before, I no longer enjoy scary books, and believe in beginning at the beginning, and “Carrie” still intimidates me).


    1. The King section isn’t too obscure if you are familiar with his titles. I need to read more Poe, as ever the more I read, the more under read I feel.


    1. I had no idea that King love Poe’s work, although assumed that he had come across him at some point. Speaking of which, I probably need to read mre Poe myself.


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