Circus Bewitchery

It’s always enjoyable when, on occasion, reading a book can recall other books and times since past.  This afternoon I’ve been getting close to the finale of Something Wicked This Way Comes, which I stopped my race to the conclusion specially to write this.

The sun is shining here, and this together with the carnival setting, took me back to a time in 2016, when I spent some time, with Tom and fellow blogger Morgan, in which we wandered around Boston and stared at things.

This particular time we headed out to Salem by boat, appreciating the planes coming into land as they passed over, the island where Shutter Island was filmed, and then passed into the sometimes creepy, sometimes tacky Salem.

At one point, we three sat on the park for a bit of a rest.  The sun – coincidentally the same one as today –  was shining down on us, Tom had fallen asleep in the faintly sinister way that some people have of sleeping with their eyes partially open, and I was engaged in The Book of Speculation, picked up, speculatively enough from the Barnes & Noble near the hostel.

The novel felt good in my hands, with the unevenly cut pages and a front cover with a pile of old books tantalising a hint of mystery, hidden riddles, ready to be revealed only in the due course of time. Reading the book in Salem left plenty to muse upon, espeically with the atmosphere – real or imagind –  the only thing that left me slightly disappointed was my inexplicable inability to pick up any of Nathaniel Hawthorne‘s books.

15 Replies to “Circus Bewitchery”

    1. Being critical I have to say it wasn’t what was in my head. In fact I failed to write what I wanted but it did bring back some good memories, so all is good.


    1. It was just a random choice of book at the time, wanting something light. I spent a lot of time in the Boston bookshops grabbing some good bargains. I look forward to going back one day.

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  1. If you want to really have your spine tingled, read Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown(e?).” There the scary thing isn’t the devil, but the tantalizing possibility that the main character may be delusional. Yes, or no, is he delusional, or not? It’s really tantalizing.


    1. I shall add it to my list, I feel the need to collect again, maybe one day that will become a reality, until then my list of books to read will get longer by the day. I do enjoy a book where the narrator is unreliable in some way, it really keps me on my toes.


    1. I’m sad it took me so long to read it but I usually get there in the end, and you can’t beat being fashionably late to a party, unless all the food is gone. Salem is one of those places that is probably great at halloween, other than that it teeters between creepy and tacky. It’s a place I enjoyed visiting, and it made a good blog past back in 2016.

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  2. My goodness! Was it really four years ago you went to Boston? I managed to pick up an 1892 hardback edition of Hawthorne’s ‘A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys’, illustrations by Walter Crane for £10 in a second-hand bookshop about 20 years ago. It’s a bit battered but quite lovely!


    1. It seems like a lifetime ago that I wandered that city. I am interested in reading more Hawthorne, although I confess I know little beyond his most famous works. I did read The House of the Seven Gables which I never got around to reviewing. I think I need to be in the mood for the slow storytelling though.

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