The Past, Present, & Future: A Book of Poetry – Cody McCullough

Cody McCullough’s debut collection of poetry, THE PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE, delves into the fleeting nature of life viewed through the prism of time. Separated into three main collections, the work touches on topics ranging from the essence of life, to family relationships, to the natural world. Featuring poems such as THE TALL FIRS ARE DANCING TODAY and THE COOL MORNING AIR, the entire collection includes a total of 73 poems written in free verse. Through his unique style, McCullough takes the reader on a journey from the beginning of existence, to the end of time, and everywhere in between.

It’s a great pleasure today to introduce, remind, or reacquaint, the reader with Cody McCullough’s blog, and new book of poetry.  I’ve been a fan of Cody’s writings for a while now, and always enjoy my visits over at his site.  This collection written in free verse is his usual intriguing work.

As with the title, it seems only fitting to break down each part in turn, beginning, adventurously, with the Past:

Here, we have a considered look at childhood memories, of a fleeting time which the author does well to encapsulate the feeling of time passing.  This section is an exploration of the learning experience of the formative years, and of the memories that we hold all our lives.  There is something melancholy and a feeling of the lost, or perhaps lostness.

These poems – as with the other two parts – are mixed with writings of history, of past generations and a thoughtful look at a perspective of a universal past as well as the personal. The passing of time into history, the temporary, and how that, as well as the personal, is recalled, and remembered differently.

The Present explores the ever-changing moment that is our constant companion, of existing in that instant, reflecting on matters of a more complex distinction.  The nature of adulthood, the responsibilities, and all too real worries that affect us are introduced, and those are dealt with, with a feeling of resentment, sometimes anger but inevitability about our lot.  Again, the positives shine through whether looking inward to family or outward at the ideas of the cosmos and imagination.

The Future, examines endings, loss, mortality, the unknown and a possible ominous apocalyptic fate that could befall the human race, it isn’t all grim though, the cyclical nature of life and the reborn forces itself through and hints at ways forward, with hope as well as worry. An appreciation of what is still here, and how we can live with rather than dominate over rounds things off appropriately.

Adding in a blend of historical and the natural world themed writings allows for a wider sense of scope and an appreciation of the more epic.  Where we come from, our relationship to the world around us and where we could end up enhance the experiences seen through the author’s eyes.  Bringing together the particular and universal gives the sense of a more panoramic scope to the book.

There is much to muse on here, many facets of life are brought to the fore and the reader will no doubt find themselves stopping many times to contemplate the words and ideas contained here. The blend of complex and thought-provoking substance rewards the reader and ensures that they will come back to this collection many times.


13 Replies to “The Past, Present, & Future: A Book of Poetry – Cody McCullough”

  1. Sounds like you’ve unearthed another treasure. Not that it was ever buried, but you know the expression. History being one of your strong suits, I can see why you might have a special affection for the historical poems herein.


    1. Blogging is great for stumbling across, and connecting with writers who inspire. I will continually be keeping eclectic for your reading pleasure.

      On a slightly different note I have been hunting for a specific adventurer of old but have failed so far to find any work about him. I am being a bit mysterious as these things are always more fun if I am successful, it will be a surprise and my enthusiasm and joy at success will shine through. It’s not the same as rooting through dusty tomes but I am em enjoying the online research.


  2. I’m not exactly an impartial observer, but I must say that I really enjoyed your review. I’m definitely appreciative that you took the time to review my poetry book. When I first published it, I felt like something was missing. I no longer feel that way. It seems as though I just needed some feedback from someone whose opinion I trust. Thank you Steve.


    1. I’m glad my feedback was helpful, I didn’t think there was anything that lacked on any of my read throughs. You collection was a very satisfying read, and one that will occupy my mind for a long time.

      I tried to put this review up on Amazon but as I haven’t spent £40 in the last 12 months, it appears that my voice isn’t wanted on that platform anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I’m not all that happy with Amazon right now. You’re not the only one who had difficulty posting a review. I looked into a few other digital publishers, but couldn’t get the formatting right. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give them a try. There’s no going back now. Thank you again for your review.


        1. If there is anywhere else you have a presence and wish me to add the review, just let me know. At least the Amazon experience is a learning curve, and will probably help whatever you choose in the future.

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  3. Reblogged this on Cody McCullough Writes: and commented:
    I am extremely pleased today to share with everyone a review of THE PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE by one of the best and most prolific book reviewers on the internet, Ste J of BOOK TO THE FUTURE. I’ve read Ste J’s blog for quite some time now and I couldn’t be more happy that he has reviewed my little book of poetry. Please checkout his blog, and don’t forget to have a glass of tea and stay awhile. Without further ado, here is his review:


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