Less Thrilla, More Manila

This is not the post I had in mind for today, but it is timely and as many of you have asked after our little family and about keeping safe (as there is some virus hanging about or something), so I thought I would just let you know that we are all fine and still planning on heading back to the Philippines in April.

I took this at a posh do, last year, happy to clock the football stadium for a future visit.

However, yesterday it was announced by the Filipino government that Manila will be locked down from 15th March to the 14th April, severely restricting travel in and out of the capital by land, sea and air.

Thankfully a friend of ours has kindly offered to put us up when we land, so although we will miss the Easter family get together, we will be able to avoid what I expect will be sky rocketing hotel prices.

Personally, I was annoyed by the suddenness of the announcement, but understand the decision, especially after the flak Duterte got last time for not stopping flights from China sooner.  I do wonder how much the hysteria of press and the dramatics I see over Facebook has contributed to the speed of this.  People seem a lot calmer outside the Philippines, despite the higher number of cases and deaths.

One worry is that the government may stop international flights in the meantime, which is an added stress but hopefully it won’t come to that. If it does at least we will still be sorted for staying in England for a while longer, and just have to keep an eye on Crissy’s visa situation.  A positive view of a delayed flight would be putting off a thirteen-hour journey with a baby so there is that to clutch at.


17 Replies to “Less Thrilla, More Manila”

  1. Dear Ste J, There is stuff happening everywhere because of the virus. My brother’s college classes he will now have to teach from home over the computer, and my niece will have to be at home until classes resume at her high school. We are trying to make as few trips out as possible. It is finally hitting the U.S. that it is not God’s Privileged Land where nothing bad ever happens. I hope that you and your small family are about to rejoin your larger Filipino family soon without adverse events. Travel safe! And in the meantime, stay safe in Britain.


    1. I’m not overly stressing about the whole virus, just controlling what we can and using common sense. If I have to hole up in isolation at least thw books will help!


  2. Yes, please stay safe. The situation is going to get worse before it gets better. The U.S. is far behind in testing for grossly negligent political reasons, and we are now spending all of time isolating ourselves as much as possible. At least in San Francisco. So stay well. Best wishes! The Philippines will be there when travel restrictions are lifted.


  3. The best-laid plans of mice and men…. I think things will have to get worse before they get better, Ste, so be prepared for any arrangements you make to go awry. My elder daughter has been planning to visit us for the week from Easter Saturday until the following weekend but this evening we decided it might be better if she didn’t buy her train ticket and we postpone her visit until later. It would have been good to have her with us as it will be my mother’s 90th birthday during that week. My younger daughter has decided to do her university work from home as she is worried she might infect me and my husband and my mother with Covid-19 that she might pick up from Uni or the train. Oh dear! I hope you eventually manage to get back to the Philippines safely!


    1. I hear they are shutting the borders completely in a short while so we will probably end up staying now anyway. Luckily I’m low maintenance so I just roll with it.

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  4. The situation is changing minute by minute it seems. My mother is now self isolating for 12 weeks so I am looking after her and am also carer for my son who has just had surgery. So I am being extra vigilant and self distancing as much as possible. Seems we are heading to a lockdown…so I am glad you and your family are safe and well and long may it remain. This too shall pass… meanwhile, it’s my 14th wedding anniversary today and I will enjoy that bottle of bubbly chilling in the fridge… cheers, my friend 🙂


    1. Happy (now belated) wedding anniversary! Everything is crazy but it is giving me time to reflect that I don’t seem to be getting much done. I am hoping to finish another book this week, an Orwell for minor spoilers, and then attack something else. I hope everyone stays well in your family, luckily our area is usually a ghost town anyway so it looks like business as usual here.

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      1. Thanks! Ha…well, that’s good people are staying home. We’re doing the same, keeping our distance and only going out when absolutely necessary for food…though panic buying has got out of hand here. I’m shocked at the number of people who are still out and about as if nothing is going on. Don’t they get it? I’ve written a post about it as a way to help process my thoughts. I wanted to use this time to focus on my submissions and writing essays for contests but I seem to spend all day messaging my family and friends, keen to keep in touch. I look up and it’s mid afternoon and I’ve done nothing. It’s good you’re reading something. Keep well my friend, you and your lovely family, stay safe.


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