Changing Places

On Sunday, we took the last-minute decision to put off our imminent return to the Philippines. The news from South East Asia was all about the Corona virus being rife nearby, and a baby with little immune system made it easy to delay until the beginning of April.

A death in the Philippines coupled with a government that had, until then, refused to shut the border to mainland China, Macau, and Hong Kong, due to ‘diplomacy’ issues was also deeply concerning.  Since we changed the tickets this has thankfully been rectified but it remains a worrying time for all over there.

We still took our planned trip to London to do a bit of exploring.  It was good to visit a new place, although London doesn’t interest me particularly, it is Instagram heaven for Filipinos.  It was enjoyable seeing new scenery and and eye opening to compare Londoners to dwellers from other cities.

We had a few adventures, I got bitten by a horse, and our hotel was horrible.  I know you all enjoy reading about when my travels go downhill, and that helps me get through those trying times.  Some things could ruin a holiday for a normal person but for me, it’s enough knowing that it’s another adventure that you will get a kick out of reading about, and that will be up in a day or two.

8 Replies to “Changing Places”

  1. My question is, “What did you do to the horse?” Anyway, blessings and good luck to both sides of your family. I think that with a wee baby around, you made the correct decisiion.


    1. I let the horse off because I like animals, and I suspect that I don’t taste very pleasant so I think I won overall. April is our next target now so hopefully we will be there in time for the searing summer.


  2. I am pleased you decided to delay your return to the Phiippines, though you must be worried about the health of your family and friends there.
    An eventful trip to London? You were bitten by a horse? Oh no!


    1. It is a worrying time, all the hysteria doesn’t help but at the moment everything seems to have calmed down so we are all set for an April arrival.

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      1. Good! I hope things will have calmed down by then. When you think how many deaths there are each year from ordinary ‘flu the hysteria does seem a little unwarranted.


  3. SO glad you stayed in the UK!
    It’s going to take a bit of time, but this Covid 19 will pass.
    Sending my best to you and yours!


    1. For the time being, England is our home, it’s strange to have two homes in two continents, it feels like we are always missing the other place, and that leads to a weird sense of constant dislocation.

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