The Joy of Books

Books alone teach us to judge of truth and good in the abstract: without a knowledge of things at a distance from us, we judge like savages or animals from our senses and appetites alone; but by the aid of books and of an intercourse with the world of ideas, we are purified, raised, ennobled from savages into intellectual and rational beings. – William Hazlitt

10 Replies to “The Joy of Books”

    1. When I came across it I felt a bit bad forforgetting how good Hazlitt it…there is so much literature out there to appreciate. Have a good weekend.

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    1. It’s a good exercise to collect and share them, so many times in the past I’ve thought to share them then forgotten where I saw them and missed my opportunity.

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      1. Which is why I do them right away. I make it a point to highlight them if e-reading or take a photo when reading through a physical copy.


        1. I need to do that more, I am a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to doing sensible things. You have reminded me to Bluetooth all the random book photos on my phone to the laptop, cheers!

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          1. Yes, I do that too. There have been plenty of regretful times when I have missed stuff for I never noted or saved them. But in those days, I never had a phone. Technology has just made life so much easier, I reflect.


    1. Hazlitt may always come across as grumpy but I always love reading his work, especially the one in which he complains there are so many books that there are no need for new ones, that was (naturally) the first essay in a book of his I read.

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