chuffa chuffa choo choo – Emma Garcia

Jump on board the little red train as it chugs along the seaside and through the forest. Can you count the noisy birds along the way?

When I think of widening my reading, this isn’t the first book that comes to mind but with a flair for the dramatic actions and voices – and a baby – this can be an incredibly fun book to engage with.

This came into my possession from a free reading pack given by the NHS, and so naturally I grabbed it for myself, curled up in a corner and took my time to savour the feel of the thick card pages and bright drawings.  It’s still my go to book for Amelia purely for selfish reasons.

There is plenty of colour and things to point out and talk about, as well as the number and type of birds, there is variety in the settings from city to farmyard, and Amelia and I often find ourselves going off on tangents such as which farmyard animal smells worse.

There is a repeated line Chuffa chuffa choo choo…here comes the train! Clickety clack on the track. Going to… to which I unintentionally repeat clickety clack for more rhythm as the star of the show is the train. It feels more intuitive, or maybe I am just too enthusiastic.

ignoring the urge to deconstruct the plot and examine it as a philosophical as well as literal journey about life, it is fair to say that this is simply a fun story, especially just before the bath time commences.

12 Replies to “chuffa chuffa choo choo – Emma Garcia”

  1. Ah, yes, and next must come such classics as “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Are You My Mama?” and “Goodnight, Papa Moon,” for starters. Or, if Amelia’s stuck on being a train afficianata, there’s always Golden Books’s “the Little Engine That Could,” or possibly, if she gets caught up in a labeiing mood, the obok (by the same publishers, Golden Books) called “Mr. Pyne’s Mixed-Up Signs.” So many books, so little time! And she’s just starting out. She’ll probably grow up like her da and mam, caught up with everything that can possibly be read. Have fun!


    1. I always love book recommendations, I m hoping she is a big reader, we will lead by example and there will always be money for books, even if I have to sacrifice my coffee. Maybe one day she will take over the blog when her dad gets too overwhelmed by it.


    1. The beauty of such books is that I can fly through them quickly and not lose much time with my other books. It works out well and I get to have some dramatic fun.

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  2. One of my favorites for wee ones is Freight Train by Donald Crews. It comes in a board book, which is the best for little ones when they start to turn pages.


    1. Dping my best, I’m excited get to Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Name of the Rose. All of which will be fun to act out.

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