Token Book Haul

Being gifted some book tokens for my birthday, I naturally went to the nearest bookshop to grab some good books.  Sadly said shop was WH Smiths and despite a smattering of other genres, it largely focuses on bestseller ficton, which on the whole are usually a disappointing bunch.

The next day I found myself up at the High Peak Bookshop (and Café) which had a much better range of stock in, and I plumped for a number of genres I haven’t explored in a while, and endured lots of annoying people passing through my browsing eyeline.

Sci-fi is something rare for me to venture into although when I have dabbled, there have been some corkers namely Solaris and 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequels.  A story from titan H.G. Wells will surely live up to such names. The Elegant Universe was another choice to continue a ‘science’ theme.  There is something fascinating about the universe, it’s a majestic mystery and well worth the time to explore.

P. T. Barnum promises an entertaining read, and a good place to jump back into autobiographies.  I expect a lot of showmanship to be had, and not all to be believed.  Contrasting that, an exploration of Proust’s ideas and thoughts will be a more grounded and calming choice to read.

All in all a good and quite free haul of reading material that will set me up for the new year.

17 Replies to “Token Book Haul”

    1. Very true, I made sure I scoured the shelves so I didn’t miss anything. It was great to shop again and not worry about spending money. I was lucky that I didn’t find too many books, as I hate having to choose, leaving behind a good book can be harrowing sometimes.

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  1. If you want to read a weird book, dip into “The Bone Clocks.” I am halfway through the book, and still don’t even know what the title means. The book is really, really weird. It’s set in Britain, so I think you should be able to get it there. I’m not sure, but I think the author’s name is David Mitchell. Strange book.


  2. Some nice books there. See if you can get to the second hand bookshop in New Mills – they’ve got some super stuff there. If you see the woman owner, tell her I sent you!


    1. We didn’t know there was a bookshop there! And our family loves book shops in Derbyshire. I sense a road trip coming up soon! I shall go, seek the owner, maybe you can get a discount next time you go for referring customers!


  3. Tokens – yay! WHSmith – boo! My husband can relate – he is scarred for life after getting tokens as a teenager and trying to spend them in WHSmith. Not much changes in 45 years. 😫 Glad you managed to grab a good haul in the end.


    1. I spent half an hour looking, then I went back through every section taking my time in case I missed something. In the end I had to leave with a sulky face. It was worth the wait though in the end.

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  4. Enjoy your books, Ste J! The Smiths in my hometown used to be quite good when I was a girl many decades ago, but nowadays all they appear to stock are best sellers, as you say. When we lived in Somerset for 18 months 2004 – 2006 the Smiths in Wellington was surprisingly good and I managed to buy a number of interesting books. Perhaps it depends on the manager or whoever decides on the stock for each store.
    I enjoyed the visit I made to the High Peak Bookstore a few years ago. I assume that’s the one at Brierlow?


    1. That is indeed the one, it was called the Book Barn originally on account of it being a converted farm barn. Increasingly those wanting interesting books tend to be pushed out to the independent bookshops which is good, although the internet is eating into that business. I try and avoid the internet as uch as possible for books unless its something I’ve been hunting in shops for years.

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