Demarcated Days

Demarcated Days

Change in the air is finally tangible, as I wind my way to work.

Discerning one season, interlacing into the next, a mixture of benign restraint and brooding power.

The crispness of the air has taken over from the heat that so recently sat on my skin,

an unlooked for blanket in the early morning. 

A creeping feeling of the days soon to be closing in, chasing away the hazy summer mornings.

The onset of this turning is one of dissipation and delight amalgamated,

entwined in a melancholy delirium, held fast for only a short spell.

in isolation.

Before the onset of the enchanting Autumnal elements converge.

13 Replies to “Demarcated Days”

  1. Yes, your poem is a reminder of what’s to come. We too are beginning to feel a slight change over here, though the heat is still with us. But it comes with a different slant to the light, a cooler breeze behind it, etc. We’re for it soon!


    1. It’ll soon be the bleak winter. It’s nice to keep a hold of the changes as they happen, it’s almost peaceful observing it, in amongst the busy day.


  2. Nice poem😊 Although it hasn’t happened, it’s as if the breeze gives a little hinting of what’s to come in it’s refreshing coolness against the heat of the fleeting summer.

    I’m quite excited for the change in seasons. I quite love autumn and all the beautiful it brings (and the cooler air.) Anyway, once again, another pleasure to read a poem from you!


    1. Thank you. It’s been a quiet couple of months blogwise, I need to get back on it but I only end up with a small amount of time. As to Autumn, I’ve missed it for the last couple of years so this will be a special one!

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  3. Great work. I really like this poem. The changing of seasons is always a time of transition. I like that. Change means that you’re still a part of this world and there is nothing better than that. I hope autumn treats you well.


    1. Autumn will be one to remember this year, mostly for baby but also it’s great to see experience another Autumn after not having Autumn or Spring in quite a while. I do love the changes that can be seen each day, that gradual creeping in of another season.


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