Opening the Door

With five weeks of training completed at the Open University – the main reason for my sparse posting of late – I can finally turn my attention to showcasing all the awesome free stuff that you can get your hands on courtesy of the O.U..  This week it’s something mentioned previously on this blog and frequently engages me through on my breaks and before work starts.

Where I work, one part of the Edifice that is the Open University.

OpenLearn  is a resource I had spent a bit of time with before I started this job and now I recommend it to everyone.  The site offers courses, downloads, videos, and up coming programmes with the BBC.  Each course is an extract from our degree modules, and with almost 1000 samples here you can indulge in many various learning exercises.

There are courses for everyone over such varied fields as Languages, Nature & Environment , Money & Business, and my personal favourite History & the Arts, which has plenty of literary goodness but never fails to entertain with a speculative punt either.

The first course I took was Aberdulais Falls: A Case Study in Welsh Heritage. I had never previously considered the logistics of how the National Trust runs its sites and the impact on the local community, and I finished thoroughly entertained and educated on the subject.  Since then anything goes in terms of course choice now.

There’s no need to even set up a profile, but if you do once you complete a course you will get a certificate of participation, which, whilst not being an official qualification is good to put on the CV, or indeed as I do, just watch them build up and feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction.  There is no time limit to complete courses because part-time learning is how we roll  at the O.U.

We are generous enough to give free stuff and you never even have to do a qualification with us.  As long as you are learning we are happy. And If that hasn’t satiated your appetite, in the upcoming weeks I will be linking you to some other fascinating literary freebies that have kept me exploring of late.

15 Replies to “Opening the Door”

    1. It’s not the official one but I like it better, I use it in all my phone conversations as I like to imagine the royalties I would get for it, if it was an official saying i’d created.

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  1. Ever since I started reading your blog, I have been amazed at the number of different things you get involved in. I guess this is just one more, and a big one this time. Good luck with it; it sounds like you’re really enjoying your new job.

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    1. Life’s too short to not get involved. I have found a bunch of other awesome stuff which I will be posting about soon. It’s a good job something very different for me but it has the promise of free degrees so why not!

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  2. This all sounds very interesting! I once did a short course with the OU but it was before the internet. I had to watch TV programmes at odd times of the day and night. I look forward to hearing more!


    1. The BBC do seem to stick them on late sometimes. These days its all to your computer, and any course materials are sent to you. I want to get started myself but i need to be made permanent before I get it all for free, which as far as perks go is the best I’ve had from any job by far.

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  3. what a wonderful resource – truly something for everyone. I look forward to some long and happy hours browsing all the brilliant content – it seems perfect for autumn and winter nights!


    1. With a tumbler of whisky and a ghost story ready for afterwards! I have another resource which I need to write about which I think you will have (potentially) endless fun with.

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  4. There’s loads of great stuff here Ste. I often wish I’d studied certain things that I didn’t think I would have been any good at when I was at school, but there are still opportunities out there to study.


    1. Exactly! There’s lots of choice and where possible its designed to work around full-time employment as well. Not to have my ‘work head’ on or anything (despite replying to this in the office) it really is worth exploring…especially for the freebies.

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