O No U Didn’t!

Oh yes I did!  I’ve only gone and added another job to my tally, and this , my third and final form of employment, is at the open university.

Celebrating its fiftieth year, the OU is all about getting people the education (and degrees) they wish for.  A lot of focus goes on the part-time learners who are also earners, courses are all online and reach outside the UK to a further 157 countries.

You can find out all about the ‘deets’ elsewhere online, and if you ring up about anything, you may just be speaking to me as I will be the guy that sets you up on the course you need, offering up the best options and generally knowing stuff.  In the meantime if you fancy taking a gander at the free courses on offer and seeing what its all about, head here and learn stuff gratis.

It’s always great to find a job that involves something you enjoy, and with this one I will be offering services of which will benefit everyone.  Education is the key to a lot of the world’s problems so it is a fine state of affairs to help people better themselves and go home having done something worthwhile, which is a rare position to be in.

22 Replies to “O No U Didn’t!”

  1. Many congrats – that’s great news. I am a total OU fan – I took both my BA and MA with them while working full time. It’s a brilliant institution.


    1. I’m really looking forward to getting involved although there is so much information available that I hear five weeks of intensive training won’t be enough. I love a challenge though.

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    1. No, it will be office based but as it’s just down the road in Nottingham its not too far to commute. That will gove me time to read a book whilst on yhe bus stuck in traffic.

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      1. Oh I’m sorry, I’ve obviously missed info on a location change! I also assumed all OU stuff was in Milton Keynes but maybe that’s only the publishing wing. Hope all goes well anyway, sounds like a nice positive job to have.


        1. There are now only three OU places since they downsized a few years back. A lot of jobs were posted at that one which is the main big campus. Nottingham is smaller but is on the direct bus route home so its an absolute bonus, and reading on the bus will help me cram in some much needed reading too. It’s all very exciting, I can’t wait to be helping people in a positive way, unlike my other less than spectacular retail jobs.

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    1. Technically it isn’t free but after completing the course students have to end up with a job that pays a good amount, so the loan repayments will seem minimal anyway. I heard a yet to.be confied rumour that I can get a free degree because I work there, this has yet to be confirmed.

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  2. This sounds like a good and worthy enterprise, and I’m not surprised that you support it. By the by, you can educate me about something right now. Previously, when I wasn’t sure if I’d already read and responded to a particular post, I just looked at the date of it, and found out when it was. The dates at the top ran with the American system, which is month/day/year, or at least so I thought. But this one runs with what I’m familiar with as the Canadian system (at least that’s where I learned it), day/month/year. Have I just been missing this all the time, or is this something new? I could tell also by the dates of your comments from people that it was day/month/year, since it would be very odd if they waited a month exactly between each response. Confused, and needing to be educated. Seriously, though, I wish you all the best with your new enterprise, and know that you will do a good job and be a valuable employee.


    1. P.S. Also, this was another post I didn’t get in my regular e-mail, where they’re supposed to arrive, and as you know, I’ve occasionally complained of missing a post before. Maybe this date thing is the reason?


      1. As far as I am aware I have always had it on the preference for D/M/Y but sometimes WP glitches out, at one point it would always say my post was published on a certain day, I think I posted three on a past date before noticing. It did clear up but it was stranger. The email thing could be a result of it, not sure how it works internally.

        Thank you for your support, I am looking forward to something different and actually giving customers a product I believe in will be a novelty for a time!


    1. Thank you, although I’m not teaching, I’m more of a support person finding the right courses for students, although the wealth of information I have is monstrous, it will take a long time to learn it all. I haven’t forgotten about my last email, life keeps me on my toes and seem to have little time for anything but I will get back to you as soon as things calm down.


    1. It’s going to be an epic learning process from what I hear but I like knowing things and helping people get the right courses. It will fuel my need to vacuum up information too so all is good.

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  3. I’m really proud of you! You will be amazing in this job for I know you’re passionate about learning and paying it forward. Thank you for everything that you do for our family, love! You’re indeed the best husband and father in the universe!


    1. Thank you. Its an exciting time with lots of opportunities, and the money will come in handy for little Amelia Cyrene as well. I aim to do more as well int he coming months and years.

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