Morning Coffee

The sights and sounds of the morning fresh
Are subsumed within your deep, black depths
For a time nothing else matters but that scalding, fresh kick
A jump-start towards the obstacles ahead.

An effervescent explosion of ideas begins
Soon lost to the diminishing aftermath
To be forgotten evermore
Just as soon as the banal everyday acts crowd in.

Yet in that diminutive, personal oasis of time
where calm battles a raging heart and mind
I find my contentment in this swirling juxtaposition
And reflect on just how flawless life can be.

21 Replies to “Morning Coffee”

  1. How about “Ode to Coffee,” or “The Java Jingle,” or “Matins and Mocha,” ha!ha! Seriously, I like your idea of writing to coffee. It’s responsible for so many good things, especially early in the day.


    1. Matins and Mocha, I love that one! There isn’t much that beats that sensation of having a cup of coffee in a serene moment. It’s one of those purely euphoric joys of life.


    1. I think I’d be lost, I like that jolt in a morning, especially as it is when I write best. Although I may have to do some experiments with coffee later in the day also, just to make sure…

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    1. Thank you, I thought it was high time I penned something poetical. Just to see if I still had some good words in me. A love letter to coffee seemed appropriate!

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        1. A friend from work supplied me with some coffee from the Philippines. I’ve missed that so I’ve been mixing my coffee up of late. I shall try and write more words of the pleasures of life,when time permits.


            1. That is a good question, I am rather partial to the sachets from the Philippines but that’s because I hgad one the other day and it made me nostalgic. One to avoid is Luwak coffee from Indonesia, which consists of cat poop which is a half digested coffee cherries. It’s bitter, a novelty, but not really worth it. Plus there are questions about how the Civets are treated as well.

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              1. LOL…I think “Luwak” is the coffee in the movie “Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I can’t believe that’s one you mentioned! 😀


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