Old Friends and New Adventures

Although the summer has had a less than stellar start, with plenty of wind and rain,  there is always something to warm the heart and in this instance, aside from being back in the Motherland, its reacquainting myself with those books that didn’t make the journey to Ph with me but were stored carefully away for my return.

A fine selection of eclectic works I am sure you will agree, and just as many were lurking out of shot so there will be some surprises too.  It’s an exciting time and with the weekend here I am looking forward to plunging into something either new to me or nostalgic, and most importantly not yet reviewed.

18 Replies to “Old Friends and New Adventures”

  1. Looking forward to reading your review of ‘The Tomb of God’. It’s really challenging to have two libraries in two countries but you’ll be settled one day.


    1. It is a challenge to have no clue where we are settling down but that will sort itself out at some point. The Tomb of God is an interesting one, I may have to pick that up soon, I think my opinions will be distinctly different to the first time I read it.


    1. Thank you, I am flying recently, in a month and a half I have read nine books, so I am enjoying the time whilst it lasts. I hope your weekend is peaceful and the weather more than pleasant.

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    1. There some challenges here and some fine fiction. My face is going to be deep in these for a bit which is one of the best ways to spend time. The weekend was very enjoyable, lots of reading done and a few films watched, the weather was a mixed bag as always. I hope yours was as relaxing as ours was.

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    1. I am forever making sure my books are in good condition, straightening the backs, making sure the corners are flat, etc. I see the books as an investment for years to come so if I buy anything, especially brand new I try and keep it in the condition I got it. If any book wears out through reading then that is fine though.

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  2. You have some great titles there – and some which are completely new to me. I hope you love ‘What was Lost’ as much as I did, and look forward to learning about ‘The Tomb of God’ (I’m resisting Google as I try to guess what that one’s about!)

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    1. I read What was Lost a long time ago, I do fancy a reread as I loved it when I read it the first. As did I The Tomb of God, I will try to get to that after the book I am on now. The way I am flying through them, hopefully it won’t be too long until I get to both.

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