Your Universe

Here is a totally unexpected and wonderfully touching word gift from the missus, this Father’s Day. I also got a card with a top pun as well!

Lost in invisible cities

The universe is overwhelmingly made up of things that cannot be seen. In fact, the stars, planets and galaxies that can be detected make up only 4 percent of the universe, according to astronomers. The other 96 percent is made up of substances that cannot be seen or easily comprehended – but how can it be possible when one father-to-be’s universe revealed his 100 percent to us?

It’s his first father’s day! I know that some people won’t consider that you are already a father when the baby is not yet born but I do.

Today, I want to honor and thank the man who gave his entire universe to me and the people (and dogs) that I love. To my best friend, my husband, and father of my baby, thank you for giving all that you can for me and our baby (fur babies: Rambo, Rexie, Claire, Hurley, and Sawyer)…

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17 Replies to “Your Universe”

      1. Hi, Crissy! Ste J is right, you do lovely writing, and should persist in it, for our benefit as well as your own (saying what you feel is words is a magical thing, and opens many doors). Dear Ste J, I hope you had a Happy Father’s Day, and are looking forward to many more of the same.

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        1. I will be showing Crissy all these lovely comments and I hope she will overcome her shy nature and embrace the words! I do keep mentioning all the wonderful opportunities and people who have come my way. I have caught myself wondering about where we will be and what we will be doing next Father’s Day.


    1. It was a lovely surprise and I am hoping to exert some gentle pressure on her to write. Writing is great, and reading and all the awesome things a blog can bring, including good friends.

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    1. Getting Crissy to be confident in her own writing is the challenge but I keep dropping subtle hints like reading these comments to her in a loud voice. She will get there eventually.

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      1. Thank you so much for reblogging this love. I am overwhelmed with all the kind words and encouragement from the bloggers. I endeavor to write and post more, just need to feel more confident.


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