Old Habits…

After spending half a week face deep in a manuscript, a wander into Derbyshire was much called for yesterday.  Inevitably, it was hard to avoid the second hand bookshops, and after going in ‘just to look’, it would have been rude to leave without buying anything.  So I did.

In my defence – as if one were needed – a couple of fine book were unearthed.  Having read, and loved I, Claudius last year it was a pleasant surprise to bump into the sequel in almost mint condition, and as an added bonus with the same cover style as its companion book.

The Dostoyevsky was again close to mint condition and as it’s been a while since I had read anything by him (and the price was right) it made sense to not only indulge again but actually plan write a review for the blog when I’m done reading, as I seem to have missed reviewing all three books previously read by the author.

Now I just have to find the time to get into them as I am taking on a new quest, as well as the usual, but more of that in a week or two.

26 Replies to “Old Habits…”

    1. Well I’d only fritter it away on something that wasn’t book related and that would be a waste. Also I am saving money for baby, I’m not completely blinkered to anything beyond books!

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    1. I’m trying to avoid them but the feeling of buying a good book at a bargain price is one that has been largely stoppered over the last year or so. Moderation is the key and when I get myself a library card I will be indulging in the new book feeling without the loss of cash. Always a bonus.

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    1. Investing in books and education, and to pass them on to Pot Noodle. You have a good eye for books, and its been a while since I picked up one of the great Russian authors.


    1. I am doing my best to get in some quality reading time. If I could I would make reading my full time job, it’s good to dream!


  1. Funny, Ste J, the things we can persuade ourselves it would be rude to omit, like your buying of books, when we really want to do them! Ah, well, it wouldn’t be our Ste J if he weren’t buying books.


    1. I have to keep the blog going and if people visit, I need to let them know about my character and the best medium is through the titles on the bookcase. Also many other reasons but really because without books and the blog life would have been much more different and probably less interesting without everyone I have met and my experiences because of the two.


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