Viridian Gate Online: Live!

After a very long day in Manila which involved: queueing, a lack of manners, coffee, and heat that felt closer to the mid 40’s than the 35 degree reality, I came home to a message from author J.D. Astra.

On the 11th April at 08:30pm MST, Jess will be reading chapter one of book two of her Firebrand series.  You can tune into it here, on Facebook at and then go buy the book right there and then, together with book one, reviews coming soon.

All this is a bit confusing as it will be live on the 12th in this part of the world but after struggling with the maths I still have time to do a post and let you all know before it happens.  If you fancy a trip into the world of Viridian Gate Online, or just want to sample the writing of J.D. Astra then this is the way to go about it.

I feel guilty for having accumulated many books that I need to review for people, and so need to get a move on but after cravenly contriving to forget that for this evening, I’m off to seek some much-needed sleep.

12 Replies to “Viridian Gate Online: Live!”

    1. Always down for a pat of the ol’ back! I did get some reading done today which was nice, a bit of Thomas Hardy, that may have contributed to my now exhausted nature.


  1. Oooh, lack of manners ! I’m sure this is about Filipinos’ driving manners …. Filipino drivers are very discourteous, dog eat dog, survival of the fittest.

    And I heard the country has record -breaking temp . It’s not the heat, actually ( because I think summer here in California is worse),but the humidity. When I was there on vacay, I almost fainted due to high humidity.


    1. It’s not so much the driving, which is a popular art form in many countries but the actual pushing, shoving, and general rudeness with which people treat their fellow human. I sometimes find myself heckling which is most out of character for me.

      The temps are topping off at 35 at the moment, although it feels hotter. The air con has been my friend of late. It’s not even May yet, so we will see what fun that holds!

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      1. I thought they’d learned to get in line. When I was there, we had to get in line everywhere, at taxi stands, bus stops, trike terminals , first come, first served. I think you should complain, write suggestions to the management or something.

        35 C ? That’s around 90 F . Not bad. Summer temp here in California goes up to around 110 F ( 45 C ) . I hear there are now power outages over there. Electricity is being rationed . You better stock up on candles, ha ha. At our house in Paranaque, we have a large water tank at our backyard, and it’s good for at least one week .( without doing the laundry ) .A water tank is one thing you have to invest in .

        Anyway,Ste J , I hope you can get used to chaos , otherwise you’ll feel miserable, ha ha ha. Good luck ! ! ^__^


        1. I would be happy with a queue, I like the order. 35C isn’t too bad, I agree, we will be contending with 40 in a few weeks no doubt. We had a power cut yesterday at 10:20 but luckily we have a fan with battery fully charged so we watched a film, previously downloaded from Netflix and then had nap. We managed to have a stock of water but we do need to fill our drum up.

          I like the chaos in parts but despair of the cajoling of pregnant and old people. We’re all in a rush to be somewhere but consideration should be even more of a need, especially in Manila, which I avoid as much as possible anyway!


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