Pictures Of Anna: A Story Of Unfulfilled Love — Arrow Gate Publishing

I know three reblogs in a week is lazy but all other posts had to be pushed aside because I had something published, so here’s a shameless plug for myself and the book I did some editing work on last year, and which will be out in the summer.

Pictures of Anna is a story of people caught up in the tide of world-defining events, fighting for love, peace, and ultimately their human rights. The predicament of those who sought a safe harbour in World War II, and ended up once again being the focus of suspicion and hostility, is a subject that […]

via Pictures Of Anna: A Story Of Unfulfilled Love — Arrow Gate Publishing

10 Replies to “Pictures Of Anna: A Story Of Unfulfilled Love — Arrow Gate Publishing”

    1. P.S. You may wonder why I’m treating this as new information, but even though I may have earlier understood that you were editing, I didn’t get the news about this particular book. I guess it was one of those times when I didn’t get your post, for some mysterious internet reason.


      1. I didn’t do a post with mention of the book, I thought I would wait until it had a release date. I should be doing another one soon, and I have been sending a few articles off to places as well, but so far things are being notoriously slow. I hope to have my name on other sites as well soon, and then there is always that novel as well which continues to tease and take its time!

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